Muttering Moblins


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October 3rd, 2007

Muttering Moblins


TimYes, those are girl Moblins. No, I don’t know of any female Moblins in Zelda (but there must be some, right?). I hope the reference is clear enough. When I thought of this comic two weeks ago, I thought it would be great, but you never know how these things will actually turn out. Ray used the Wind Waker style of the Moblins as opposed to the NES version (which seems reasonable), but will the readers make the connection? I hope so!

Let’s be honest though, with the Moblin tendency to gossip, coupled with the fact that Mable is a girl, and a teenage girl at that, Mabella should really know better than to entrust her undying love for super-jock Moby to her BFF, Mable. Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying Phantom Hourglass. I made the mistake of ordering it online (because I’m such a cheapskate…) and won’t be receiving it for 5-10 business days. Ray on the other hand, got the game Monday and was pretty upset that he had to be bothered drawing a comic when he could have been playing Zelda. He’s got some catching up to do, so I doubt we’ll be hearing from him for awhile.

Raygrumble, grumble…


  1. Defenestrator2.0 says:

    Phantom Hourglass is out?! To Best Buy! Heeeeyah! *whip*

  2. Nick says:

    That first panel has the potential to be a great wallpaper.

  3. Baka says:

    Haha, nice comic. I’ve always loved quoting that. I was linked to this comic by a friend, and I hadn’t yet stumbled upon this site. So I lurked around and read some of the archives. Usually very funny, and appealing art style. I’m bookmarking the site, and will probably read these regularly.

  4. Yoshi says:

    lol i never played the original zelda so i have no idea what this is about 😛

  5. Someguy says:

    ha so they are making sonic a playable character.

  6. Jose Luis Juarez says:

    Great comic..really enjoyed it..that phrase its just classic…I keep realizing how much of a geek I am an I love it. haha

  7. Hannz says:

    is that the….nah, that tatoo is just…similar?

  8. Rey Alejandro says:

    Black Doom again? Man, I hope you guys get notified about comments on old comics, because i just went off on a tangent. Anyway…. Black Doom on the Moblin, right: Why?

  9. Notester82 says:

    “its a secret to everybody”
    …D: what the, i don’t even, …???

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