Contest Announced!

RayAs part of our upcoming Season 1 finale of the podcast, we’re looking to give away one free 2P START! T-shirt of your choice! The contest is simple, really. I’ve been known to pick comments of the week that tend to praise us, but now you have the chance to actually get something in return for it. 

The Contest:
In the comments below, give us the most ridiculous comment of praise possible. It has to be amazing, but you don’t necessarily have to mean it.

• Only one entry per person, please.
• Comments must be posted before Sept. 19th, 8PM PST.

Tim and I will review all the comments, and we’ll read our personal favorites on the Season 1 finale of the podcast. My #1 choice will receive their pick of a 2P START! T-shirt at no charge. Shipping included.

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  1. I…I don’t know what to say. The first time I laid eyes on this site, I knew it was something special. Almost every other gaming web comic before this had a good joke every four or five strips. Not this one. You guys sometimes include four or five good jokes in a strip. Not only was it funny, but I felt like I could connect to the characters, that this would be the art style that I would draw if I had drawing skills, the plots and gags I would make if I had an illustrator. I had found the perfect comic strip.

    A couple weeks after I first saw the strip, I started reading the blog and saw to my surprise that there was also a podcast. I eagerly downloaded it and played with my eyes closed, as it was about midnight. It was so fun, so topical! I felt like I was chatting to friends about games. I felt that if I met these people in real life, then we would be the best of pals. I felt included, a feeling I have never truly felt online.

    To this day, I check every day for some kind of update, some kind of jewel of wisdom from you guys. I can’t express how much I happiness I have drawn from this site. Everything I’ve said above is completely true and not exaggerated at all. I really feel this way.

  2. Noodle says:

    I’d kill an innocent kitten for 2P-Start.

  3. Shinjix2 says:

    2P-Start in Their Heaven –

    All’s right with the world!

  4. tustin says:

    *channels fangirl* I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES RAY!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    [spoiler]Wow, sorry. That was scary. It felt, wierd and unfamiliar… and of the wrong sex…[/spoiler]

  5. Rokai says:

    I’d kill Noodle for killing kittens. Then I’d kill TWO kittens for 2P START.

    Okay seriously the first thing I do every day for more than a year now (after taking clothes on) is go to
    “Podcast on Monday
    with special guest: Black Doom
    Comic on Thursday
    funny every issue
    All I have to say:
    2PSTART, I love you”

    (I fail at poetry)

  6. Tacos says:

    Tim and Ray, if we were in prison together, I’d protect you in the shower.

  7. lwelyk says:

    2PStart! is such a brilliant comic, so brilliant, that all of the other webcomics just need to give up. All the newspaper ones too. The comics page will just be 2PStart! for 6 pages. All the other webcomics will just link directly to here. You two should be put in charge of the world. The planet will be renamed 2PStartia. And there will be world peace because the whole world will together love 2PStart!. There will be no more disease, wars, pestilence, or anything. You will simply make a comic decreeing it. Aliens will come to learn from our perfect 2pStart! society. And I have something else to say…

    Tim, Ray, we’ve known eachother for so very long. You know the rules, and so do I. Fulltime commitment’s what I’m thinkin’ of. You wouldn’t get this from any other fan. I just want to tell you how I’m feeling. Just wanna make you understand. I’m never gonna give you up, let you down, never gonna run around and hurt you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie to hurt you. And as such, I know I’m not worthy, but will you two marry me? I know the answer will be no, but I just wanted to ask. I could never equal your greatness. No one could. No one should.

  8. lwelyk says:

    Tim and Ray, if we were in prison together, I’d protect you in the shower.

    [Not an Entry]Tim and Ray, if we were in prison together, I’d be in the shower.

    Okay I just had to reply to that one. XD

  9. T. Management says:

    You know how not-awesome a child molester that kicks puppies and disembowels his victims is?
    2P-Start is the opposite of that. 😀

  10. MetaRidleyR27 says:


    I doubt anyone will figure this out, so I put what it means below.

    [spoiler]Super Awesome Comic Making, Podcast Recording, Blog Posting, Friendly, Brawl Playing, Mario Karting, Pill Dropping, Death Zone Raping, Dr. Peppering, Chicken Grabbing, Trivia For Twoing, Black Dooming, Overall Being Really Cool, Guys![/spoiler]

  11. Anon says:

    2pStart is the only thing between me and a bullet to the head.
    I just got fired from my job and my id was stolen. I was left with nothing accept my wife and children. Soon after though, I caught her being unfaithful so we had a divorce.
    I was now only left with a small flat, a laptop and a gun with one bullet. I turned on my computer one last time to check the forums I have been active in for the past 5 years when I saw a thread titled
    “Awesome New Comic”
    I checked it and followed the provided link to this Comic. It was there, right after the Sonic and Marine comic that I laughed. I just forgot about everything else and laughed until I cried. It was that moment that I decided life was indeed worth living and restarted my life.
    I eventually got a new job, a better apartment and am now picking up where my life almost ended.
    Looking back I decided to create a church based around this comic and it’s authors who must be prophets from the almighty. They were the sign that gave me hope through my darkest hours and they deserve all the worship us other mortals could possibly give and more.
    This comic is the best thing to come from the loins of this great planet and it’s legacy will triumph over even Chuck Norris’s.
    I owe you guys my life.

  12. D3vin says:

    Who needs to praise them, I made a comic for them…. Meaning I will gladly do their work for them, no matter what.(even though I might draw the line at fixing clogged toilets, anything else is fair game.)

  13. steve-ohs says:

    Tim and Ray you with no doubt in my mind put on the best web comic..strike it the entire world. You guys make the worst day (tornados, hurricanes, earth exploding) into a day of sunshine and pure happiness. I would give you a solid gold metal if I could (but i can’t..sorry). If you guys were in a car crash by me..I would so go all misery on you. You two are beyond awesome. There’s no word to describe how awesome you guys are…so I’ll make one up. You are twopstartearian. Look for it in the dictionary next year…I’m sure it will catch on.

  14. roadjcat says:

    *is not entering because he can’t just randomly come up with praise*

    However, this is usually the first site I head to as well. I have a few sites that I always check every morning and this is of course one of them. I often have just kinda sat here with the comments on one tab and the forum on the other, waiting for something to reply to. XD

    Random side note:
    RPs are taking over the forums! Seriously, that’s like all I see anymore…so I’m just kinda twiddling my thumbs waiting for something that’s not an RP to respond to… XD

  15. BurntToast says:

    I could take the time to write a long comment but instead i’ll just inform you that if i was gay i’d live in your closet. Both of your closets. At the same time.

  16. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Random side note:RPs are taking over the forums! Seriously, that’s like all I see anymore…so I’m just kinda twiddling my thumbs waiting for something that’s not an RP to respond to… XD

    Really? I thought they’ve been kind of slow lately. Slower than usual anyway.

  17. D3vin says:

    Speaking of which, I’ll take the Landmaster shirt. Thanks!

    I’ll take the “2p Start Logo” one 🙂

  18. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I suppose if I win (which I doubt), I’d like the Support out Troopas shirt. If not, I’ll probably still buy it.

  19. CKcheeseboy says:

    When Chuck Norris uses his Final Smash, it’s a 2P Start! comic. Everybody else loses all of their stock instantly.

  20. Gewurztraminer says:

    Free T-shirt? Thanks Gabe & Tycho!

  21. Swimming_Bird says:

    There is no webcomic but…

    There is no comic but…

    There is no webpage but…

    There is no internet but…

    There is no world but…

    There is no existence but….

    2P Start

    Let the second player begin.

  22. Ali says:

    Tim, Ray, My hearts desire for your comics flourishes beneath my veins like a flower needing of the sunlight from the heavens. Only the mightiest God of all Gods can describe my need for your comics. I pray for your health every day so that I could be lucky enough to see your beautiful comics once more in the week. Sometimes I daydream of meeting you guys in your private mansions and playing a game of Brawl (which you would no doubt own me at). Your knowledge is bewildering to even the smartest of the smart. How you are not president of the world i do not know, but it saddens me to think that one day this *weep* comic will *weep* *weep* be over. NO!!! Ali get yourself together you can do this. I love you guys more than my Family. It seems our emotions are shared as if we are one. Ray that Bad company comic that got good reviews and you wished it could be another one, I could FEEL your pain. And Tim you know how much you despise Super Mario Sluggers, Ya well ME TOO. You two i will always protect in my heart, because i know that one day we will meet and i will be able to learn the true philosophy of your comics and the hours days of work you put into them just to make US happy. I wish one day you will think about your own needs. Stop being so selfless and good. I LOVE U I will always protect you within me*.

    P.S. I love U, I love U, I love U, I love U, I love U, I love U, I love U, I love U, I love U, I love U

    * I will also protect you in the shower, in fact i wish i could.

  23. Alexander H says:

    Now and again, an occurrence of epic significance manifests itself for the benefit of humankind. This is an event vehemently anticipated and met with unabated enthusiasm. It is something so unfathomably fantastic that it brings tears to the sparkling eyes of innocent children and war-torn veterans alike, from bounty hunter Captain Falcon to international emissary Solid Snake. Yes, the happening of which I refer to with such ardent fervor is the season 1 finale of the 2P START! podcast.

  24. Dominator_101 says:

    Well, I was going to enter this contest, but then I realized that there were no words worthy enough to be used in describing the caliber of awesomeness that this comic has.

    Well, no words I know anyway.

  25. hyper says:

    in the Beginning. A Dude who had a Weird Thing for Sonic that Some People Would Call Freaky, and a Dude that wears a Brown Hat, Even in the Middle of Summer, Seriously what with that.
    These Dudes was Ray and Tim. Its Still unknown why they click togeter or why 2p start has became a new Face on in the Web comic world, where you can literally put your poop on a megaman Sprite sheet and still be in the Top Ten Web Comics.
    but why Rant on a Cake that has Happy Birthday on it. for about a year, they have came out with 84 comics and with only one of them being a Guess Comic. they have never took a day off, even Tim made it Through a whole pod cast when he was Sick, just before passing out into a coma like when ray heard Sonic was in Brawl.( he’s Final Smash is so Cheap doe >.>) and Tim is Still Used he’s AWESOME redneck Power to make Every pod cast possible(that was a Smart Idea the use a Vacuum cleaner as a mic stand). by then just like Playstation,360, and wii, they have Followers that will die for 2p start. Dj the Mixer and to this day,one of the Holders of the Ban hammer,MetaRidley as the Beast and Protector of the 2p Start,Ali the Gentle Side of 2p Start, Metal Line, the Lord knight of 2p Start, D3vin the Son of 2p Start (wow that Sounded Creepy >.>) Steve-ohs the Fun of 2p Start, Anon the Ghost of 2p Start, lwelyk the um.. Thing that look like something From Maple Story ( sry i Ran out of Ideas, one love) and Hyper, the Energy that Drive 2pstart to do there best Every time.
    What is in the Future of 2pstart. well they at a Third Person? will Ray get Hitch, or at least keep his Job? Could this be the Next Penny arcade? Is there a Baby on the way for Tim? will pit Finally Get a game on the WII? will i win this Contest to get a T Shirt From them?(plz plz plz plz) just like a Filp of a Coin, Both side are a head (he Rip me off so bad T.T)

    Good luck to Both Tim and Rey(my little Protest for Papajuan >.>)
    i Wish Good luck to the Both of you in the Future. and one day i will meet Both of you in person and Shake your hand with Proud and Honor.

    Thx you for the Best Times you given me Since Day one

    -Randy A.K.A Hyper

    Note: if i didn’t add your username, it just i didn’t know you and/or Know you Very Well. i work on this for 2 days. if i do win the Contest, i will Gladly Accept the 2pStart T-Shirt XL (I’m not Fat, just like wearing loose cloths.)

  26. Zhinker says:

    You guys have been saving me from boredom ever since I saw your (then latest) comic #4. I had been wasting away at work, forced to do nothing but surf the internet when this lone light shone down from the heavens to bless me with laughter (followed by suspicious looks from my boss).

    You have done great work ever since, but nothing so great as this contest where you let your fans come up with all the jokes. There are only 3 words to describe your efforts: Pure F&^$#ing Genius.

    Now lets go kill some kittens.

  27. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Ooh! I was mentioned! 🙂 But, “Beast and Protector of 2P START!”? Where did that come from?

  28. hyper says:

    Ooh! I was mentioned! But, “Beast and Protector of 2P START!”? Where did that come from?

    i based it off how i Thought of People on this Site

  29. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Ah, I see. I just thought it was based off of my name, since (Meta) Ridley is basically a beast.

  30. Mr. Mudkip says:

    U pwn

  31. hyper says:

    U pwn


  32. Mr. Mudkip says:

    U pwn


    NOT U

  33. Mr. Mudkip says:

    U pwn



  34. hyper says:

    U pwn




    LOL i know i was just playing

  35. Pieninja14 says:

    This comic is like a good dessert: You always look forward to it, it is full of great things, and you always want more of it.

    Unofficial entries: You’re so boss, you’re at the end of world 8-4.
    You’re so bomb, Iran can’t have you.
    You’re so ice cold, you ahve to be measured in Kelvin.
    You’re tighter then your wedding dress 20 years later.
    You’re so old-school, you think Pluto’s a planet.


  36. CKcheeseboy says:

    You’re tighter then your wedding dress 20 years later.

    They’re both guys, so I hope they don’t wear wedding dresses…

    You’re so old-school, you think Pluto’s a planet.

    That’s because it is, don’t listen to those stinking scientists.

  37. Tacos says:

    Unofficial entries: You’re so boss, you’re at the end of world 8-4.
    You’re so bomb, Iran can’t have you.
    You’re so ice cold, you ahve to be measured in Kelvin.
    You’re tighter then your wedding dress 20 years later.
    You’re so old-school, you think Pluto’s a planet.

    Too bad you didn’t come up with those. Barats and Berate are pretty funny guys though

  38. Ali says:

    (not a entry)
    Hey you know all that stuff i said, Its all true. Really it is. Just wanted you guys to know that

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