Jigglypuff Wallpaper Now Available!


TimRay’s Dancing with the Stafy comic is now a wallpaper in a variety of resolutions. Be sure to let Ray know if there are any other wallpapers you guys are looking for!

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  1. Ali says:

    Cute Ray. Very Cute

  2. steve-ohs says:

    Yes, background already changed

  3. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Awesome! Nice job guys!

  4. roadjcat says:

    I shall take a break from my Trauma Center: New Blood wallpaper for this.

  5. Loooca says:

    You’re a hero, Ray. Thank you.

  6. CKcheeseboy says:

    If Ray is taking requests, this would be a good one, and probably wouldn’t be too much effort.

  7. Heh I remember saying something about this >.>

    -desktop changed-

  8. FluffyPanda says:

    The “Steroids!” panel from the inexplicably-unpopular-but-still-awesome mario sluggers strip would make a great wallpaper.

  9. tustin says:

    Ray’s thoughts: “You give ’em an inch, and they want a mile! They’re never happy! *grumble grumble*”


  10. Lozaiah says:

    How about a collage or a sort of ad shot of the “Level Up!” comic for a wallpaper?

    Sorry, just love that piece! hehe.

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