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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Contest

TimYay, a contest! A chance to win something! So how does it work? Well, we need to gauge how ‘influential’ 2P START! is in the gaming universe. You can help us figure that out by clicking on the boxing glove above to find out more about Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, the new boxing game coming out next month for the Wii. Then, leave a comment below telling us how you think it’ll stack up to past boxing experiences on the Wii (Wii Sports Boxing, Victorious Boxers: Revolution, Showtime Championship Boxing, FaceBreaker K.O. Party) OR other boxing games around the corner (namely: Punch-Out!!). So what’s the prize? Can’t tell you yet because it depends on how influential 2P START! is. The more unique clicks that little boxing gloves gets, the better the prize. At a minimum we’ll pick one lucky commenter at random to get a 2P START! t-shirt of their choice.

Note: Unique clicks means, once per computer/IP address, so don’t waste your time clicking again and again.

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  1. roadjcat says:

    Okay, I clicked on it. I can’t say I play many…actually any, boxing games, but I think everyone will be coming back to Wii Sports Boxing in the end.

  2. Darkness_Keeper says:

    Looks formidable. I can’t say that it’s my top choice game for the coming months, but I certainly hope it’s a step up from Wii Sports Boxing.

    But I bet the new Punch-Out!! may win in this genre.

  3. Anon says:

    Well, I haven’t really played many other boxing games on the Wii but…how much more different can boxing get then the free Wii sports version. That game itself is fluid, solid and…free so I don’t think it’ll sell well.
    I do think that it does have stiff competition with Punch-Out!!
    I mean, it already has a great history, large fanbase and well, It’s made by Nintendo and all (excluding Wii Music) of the games they have made for the Wii have been top-tier.

    P.S. I have a friend who is taking lessons in C++. I asked him if we could work on a game together. He said that he’ll have a demo up by the end of the month and if you like it that Lace game everyone wants could be closer then expected. With your input (and permission) it could draw a lot of attention to the site if it’s good enough.
    Not even Penny Arcade CAD has a game yet.

  4. igorponweed says:

    Honestly, the characters seem to be well designed. The gameplay does not look as great as Punch-Out!!!, but we’ll see how it Turns-Out!!!

  5. Nushio says:

    I really liked Wii Sports Boxing, but I’m not entirely sure about any other boxing game…

  6. RedVinnie says:

    well, i do believe that this game will certainly be along the lines of facebreaker k.o. party, because of it cartoony style and antics. right now, the most dare i say, realistic, of boxing experiences, is without a doubt, wii sports boxing. i would like to see how this game does, because the dreamcast one was excellent. although, it will probably be a rent for me.

  7. GX Echidna says:

    Like many of the posters above, I’m coming from this fresh, as my only other boxing experiences have been Punch Out for the original NES and Wii Sports. This game was never really on my radar to begin with, and I had a brief interest in EA’s FaceBreaker KO Party, but lost interest due to less than convincing reviews, particularly concerning the controls. Reading initial GameSpot UK impressions, I feel a bit happy to hear that it controls reasonably well, but like most fighting games (and this certainly reminds me more of a fighting game than a sports game), I worry that the nuances of timing will only open themselves up to those to take the time to really learn the game. I’m not concerned about whether or not I can play with alternate control methods, but that’s certainly contingent on if the default controls are perfect.

    Though I’m not one to stress graphics, I was not impressed by the gameplay videos. The stylistic, stereotypical characters seem great, but the design of the characters looks downright ugly, and the arenas bore me. It feels like the design is pushing towards over-the-top, but it doesn’t quite commit to it. In any fighting or boxing game, I would want something brighter and flashier with cleanly designed characters. The Wii’s graphics, though limited, can be pushed farther than we’re being shown.

    My overall assessment is that my enthusiasm is waning. If the qualities of the game stays fairly consistent with what I’m seeing now in gameplay videos, this would certainly not be a day-one purchase for me, at least not for more than $20. It would take some really impressive improvements or reviews (not review scores, but actual text reviews) to change my mind.

    I apologize if this seems terribly cynical for a first impression, but without actual physical hands-on time, I don’t feel that I have much to go on. I could be completely wrong, and this game could turn out to be a delightfully surprising necessity to my collection, but it’s now up to the developers to make that so.

  8. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I’m not a big fan of boxing games, but Ready 2 Rumble looks pretty good! But I agree, Punch-Out will probably be better. And I have to say, this is a really odd contest. But I’m curious as to what this big prize could be. 😀

  9. cramill says:

    Looks like there aren’t too many boxing game fans that folow 2P Start… (I’ve only played the wii boxing and honestly I’m not a fan of that.)

    I think that Ready 2 Rumble is a good fit for the Wii – the cartoony style and such, but I think more people might be excited for Punch-Out because it has more nostalgia than Ready 2 Rumble.

  10. Wrenchmonkey says:

    I’m going with Punch-Out on this one.

  11. Tacos says:

    It looks like its stuck between a realistic approach and a cartoony approach. From the trailer, some of the characters ‘look’ uncomfortable in their environment. Or when someone’s teeth came flying out, I was instantly reminded of the Punch-Out trailer. However, it felt awkward in R2R but I sincerely chuckled in Punch-Out. Basically, the game didn’t have a real identity when I read/watched about it. And a game without an identity can never break the limits of mediocre for me. So for this reason, Punch-Out will prevail.

  12. D3vin says:

    It looks fun, But since Wii Sports has a more casual boxing game and Punch-Out! Will have a more ‘Nintendo hardcore fanboy” base It might just become something along the lines of a good rental or game to invite a few buddies over (drunk or sober, take your pick). I like the varied cast of characters and I think that is what some of the other games are missing, In the upcoming Punch-Out you play as a midget version of Rocky Balboa and you fight the same kind of guys you did in the arcade, Nes, Super Nes, and so on. I hope the game mechanics aren’t just “swing the wiimotes around” to punch and they get the act of actually punching an opponent. The Wii needs a good fighting game and this might be one of the contenders for that title.
    *Runs up a bunch of stairs to the ‘Rocky’ theme*

  13. Noodle says:

    I like Wii Sports boxing in the sense that it is a party game, but I always feel that it is rigged. That the computer randomly decides when you die and how long you’re down for. Hopefully this game is more of like a serious game where it’s fair for once.

  14. Rosti says:

    Honestly? I need to see more reviews. I might venture an opinon if I was feeling more wealthy, but that way madness lies…

  15. DangerMack says:

    Looks like a fun game that at the very least is a step up from Wii Boxing, but I think Punch-Out will do better in sales just because it’s Punch-Out.

  16. FluffyPanda says:

    Boxing really isn’t my thing. I don’t have anything against punching people in the face in games… but I don’t see the appeal in real life.

    And since I don’t like the sport, I don’t get on well with the games based on it either.

    I rented Fight Night Round 3 for the xbox 360, played it for a day and thought that it was rather sick how it glorified people’s faces getting smashed. I mean, take a look at this:
    That’s just wrong.

    At least Ready 2 Rumble looks more cartoony.

  17. ultimateDK says:

    to be honest, if they were going for the comedic aspect of boxing, there is nothing funnier than continuously punching your brother in wii sports with one hand while he flails like a moron (both in- and out-of-game) XD

    you want comedy? make the characters exaggerated based on your miis. and use the wii motion plus, for goodness’ sake.

  18. DemonHub says:

    I’ve played Wii Boxing and Fight Night Round 2, but never player a Ready 2 Rumble game.

    I loved both game and I don’t mind playing Ready 2 Rumble but it doesn’t look like a real boxing game, probably more a button mashing than a boxing strategy.

    Can’t wait for Punch-Out on the Wii, I never played the original on the NES, but I enjoyed Super Punch-Out.

  19. sheppy says:

    Personally, for my tastes, I hope it pans out. Looks interesting but I think they need to tap into the “hidden celebrities” of past games. Like why si there no Obama boxer? Clinton was on Dreamcast. Where is Michael Jackson? Or Shaq? How it stacks up to previous boxing games on Wii, I hope it has more strategy with counters and checks and balances. Like an over the top Virtua Fighter.

    Now compared to Punch-out is a tricky question because I don’t consider Punch-Out a boxing game. Sure, it’s a boxing themed game but to me it’s always been pattern recognition and input commands. In many ways Punch-Out is a boxing version of Space Channel 5 or the Dragons Lair. I love the franchise but still don’t consider it a “true” boxing game.

  20. zhinker says:

    Clicked, reclicked, and had my second click wasted

  21. Supersonic24 says:

    Meh, don’t have a Wii, so frankly, I really don’t care, and commenting would be a waste of my time. That was before I saw the word prize though.

  22. steve-ohs says:

    Hmm, I too have not played many boxing games, so heres my guess on how good the game will be.
    Critics will like the quirky graphics and variety in the game, but will keep commenting that the free wii boxing will somehow still have better motioncontrol uses than this game and people can play as themselves (miis). They’ll recomend it to anybody who likes boxing games but tell everyone else to stick to their free wii sports.

  23. ubuntun3rd says:

    It looks like this game will be a great, fun game for people to have some fun boxing in a slightly more realistic (and humorous) way than Wii Sports. I’m sure many people will still love the simple fun of Wii Sports Boxing, and, on the other end, some will want a more realistic game that simulates real boxing. But this game looks like it is perfectly in the middle, with enough humor and simplicity to make it interesting and fun to those who have never boxed, but having enough features, moves, and gameplay elements to make it a full-fledged game, rather than just a simple little minigame demonstrating the Wii’s abilities.

    Compared to other boxing games, this one will be great for families who want some good punching fun, and are getting bored with the simple gameplay of Wii Sports Boxing. I would have to say that this title won’t be very attractive to the hardcore gamer or jock, as they will probably find too kid-friendly and cartoon-ish.

    I, personally will probably like playing this game with my family, but it’s not going to replace Brawl as the game I play for hours by myself.

  24. I think Wii Sports and Punchout are going to be most of the competition for R2RR. I’ll play Wii Sports Boxing because I have it and I’ll probably try Punchout because I played the original (albeit poorly). My interest in this one though? slim to none.

  25. nintendogamer101 says:

    Ready 2 Rumble Revolution seems like a great game for Wii, but you know that it won’t be as great as Wii Sports Boxing. Why would you say this, you might ask? Well my friend, for one simple reason: Nintendo didn’t create Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, so therefore, does not live up to other exciting Wii games such as Wii Fit, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and even Japan’s own beloved Captain Rainbow. I’ve been brainwashed by Nintendo, and you can be, too. Now you’re playing with power!

    JK 🙂

  26. BulimicKoala says:

    I do not beleive the Wii will not have a good boxing game until punch-out comes out (and that will suck if it doesn’t stay true to the original). So no I do not beleive that it will be good. Most third party game creators do not care about us.

  27. vincecult says:

    i dont understand the idea behind the side scrolling aspect of it with wii controls. its weird that all of your foward punching motions translate to the right or left. having the behind person view in wii sports was great but could have used some improvement. thats why i think punch out will crush them all

  28. Izaccthefrost says:

    Well its got potential… I’m not a boxing game enthusist and i’m terrible at super punch-out….. Ready 2 Rumble Revolution has got some stuff goin’ for it. Like the variety of characters ranging from the awkwardly wierd to the aethetically interesting. And game play looks fun. How it’ll manage…. probably not to great. Yup……

  29. Comatose811 says:

    I never much liked boxing games on the Wii, even Wii Sports, and this doesn’t look like it will change much. But I do plan on checking out Punch-Out whenever it gets released.

  30. cloudsleviathan says:

    Looks like it might be good.

  31. Kvb says:

    The game is looking good so far, but 3rd parties have tricked us into thinking their games are decent before.
    The big problem this game has is that it’s not made by Nintendo. Due to the mistakes 3rd parties have made on the Wii in the past, people will stick with the Nintendo boxing games Wii Sports and Punch-Out!!, even if this game comes descending from the heavens.

    It’s sad, but 3rd party Wii games will never lose their reputation of sucking anymore. Even if someone would do a classic game review of a good 3rd party Wii game, 25 years into the future, he’d probably say something like “This game was for the Wii. It’s one of the few good 3rd party games the console had.”

    Even though I’m not into boxing games, I am not willing to predict a 3rd party game’s quality based on pre-released shots. It looks good, but so did Red Steel.

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