ValentiNES For All!





TimIt’s been awhile since I remembered we had these, but don’t forget to send out some Valentine’s e-cards, 2P START! style! Just click on the one you want to send and fill out the form. It’s also wild to think that V-Day 2014 marks the 7-year B-Day of 2P START! going live with its first comic. Next year I’ll be able to print these out for my daughter to take to classmates at school. I’ve got my old man voice going in my head as I think about that…

Here are all the valentines zipped up if you would like to print them individually on cardstock or photo paper to hand out!


  1. GamerBlue53 says:

    WHOA. I was literally just reading through old comics like an hour ago…and then you post this! What are the odds…

  2. Proto says:

    Hey I remember these. I like the one with Cupid!



  3. Moonjuice7 says:

    I hadn’t thought about these. Time to go send some valentines out…

  4. nintendogamer101 says:

    Thanks for thinking of us! Always nice to hear from you guys just to confirm that you’re still alive.


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