2P START! Live!: 3D Colors


RaySonic Colors, Marketing buzzwords, Microsoft Kinect, Playstation Move, Onlive, dogsitting, plus much more!

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Pixel Revision – Art by Richard Aguirre


Experience Lace and Anti-Alias like you never have before! Take a look through these previously unreleased sketches of the cancelled “Pixel Revision” project from 2005. Richard Aguirre and I intended to take what I had done with Pixel Vision and approach it in an entirely different direction. Although we made serious progress on multiple songs and art direction, the project never quite took off. But now you can take a look at all of the amazing concept art Richard worked on, as well as listen to the long lost Option Screen tune that was cut from the original Pixel Vision album before release. Enjoy!


New! BRAWLOL 18: Ahoy There!

RayHere’s a quick new replay to enjoy. You can view them all on our BRAWLOL page. Oh, and if you’re still hungry for more, you can watch one more that didn’t really make the cut.

2P START! Live!: Appropriate Halloween


RayA heated debate on what makes something ‘confirmed’, problems with tech support, Tim and Ray blame each other for an old comic, and inappropriate Halloween costumes. PLUS! Super Meat Boy, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Bit.Trip Fate, Playstation Phone, and more!

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Happy Halloween 2010!


TimHappy Halloween everyone! Thought it would be appropriate to remind you all that you can still send out Halloween cards (based on last year’s ‘Halloween Safety Tips‘ comic) to your gamer friends by clicking the images above. Just click on the thumbnail of the one you want to send and fill out the form. Enjoy, and have a safe, fun Halloween!



2P START! Live!: The Social Gaming Network


RayLife, Nintendo 3DS, A Social Network for gaming, game prices, Halo Reach, Xbox Live, Sonic 4, Downloadable hardware, plus much more!

We’d also like to mention that we received a number of requests for topics to discuss, but they arrived just after we recorded the show – we’ll try to give a better heads up next time so that your contributions can be used. Thanks again!

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SketchNation Shooter Free Today Only!

TimLace’s first appearance in a real live videogame came in the form of DLC for the iPhone game SketchNation Shooter. Well, today it’s free! This is your chance to see what you think of the game and consider buying the Pixel Vision Art Pack for a buck. Have fun!


“Hey Girl Hey” Now Available! + Liner Notes


Physical Album:
Order Now!

Digital Download:
Band Camp

RayLiner Notes…
Having come off of an album as dark, cryptic, and just plain bizarre as “Jessica and the Silver Eclipse,” I knew the next album’s direction would need to be the opposite: bright, simple, and catchy. ‘Simple’ was the most difficult of these three for me to wrestle with, as I typically find myself adding more and more complexity to a song whether its foundation is ready for it or not. Stripping songs down to their essentials is sure to expose weaknesses, and it was through this process that I learned a great deal about how to achieve my goals.
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2P START! Live!: Hey Girl Hey


RayRay’s new album is out, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Metroid Other M, annoying legalities, what 2P START! could have been named, and a never-before-told story about our free Wii giveaway.

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Ray’s New Album: Hey Girl Hey

Hey Girl Hey

RayAnnouncing “Hey Girl Hey” – it’s my brand new album set to release on August 31st, but you can listen to a sample and pre-order the album right now! 12 new songs featuring covers of Willy Wonka, Animal Crossing, Mega Man 5, Super Monkey Ball 2, and even a full-blown rap song about iPhone Apps! (seriously?) Don’t miss out – it’s guaranteed to rock your core with synthesized goodness!

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