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Giveaway #4: GH III Guitar Pick and Wiimote Keychain [Closed]


TimGot both of these at E for All and thought I’d pass them along. I’d keep the guitar pick except the picks I use are a lot thinner than this one, so I’d never use it. The Wii Remote keychain is actually a flashlight and is really cool. And the blue light is unbelievably bright, I had lots of fun blinding Ray at E for All with this thing. Anyway, to enter the contest, just leave a comment below stating whether or not you’ve heard our podcast before and if so, did you like it? Good luck!

[Update]: Comment #14 is the winner, and that would be Aaron! Thanks everyone for your comments on the podcast and look for another Giveaway on Friday!


Giveaway #3: Zelda Game & Watch Keychain [Closed]


TimRemember the pre-Gameboy handhelds Nintendo used to make called Game & Watch? I sure do, and I was excited to find that some of them were remade in keychain form. These neat little pieces of nostalgia were unceremoniously released some years back, but can still be found occasionally at Toys ‘R’ Us. I was able to pick up a couple Zelda and Donkey Kong Mini Classics awhile ago and would love to give away a Zelda one this week! I’ll get a better picture up later, but as you can see it has two screens and closes together like a DS. The game will come new, unopened. Also, this is probably the most difficult Zelda game ever made. I’m not kidding either. To enter the contest, just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite G & W game was, or if you’ve never played one, what newer Nintendo franchise do you think would be cool to see as a Game & Watch game? Good luck!

[Update]: The contest winner is chosen at random. I typically use to generate a random number between 1 and X (number of comments).

[Update 2]: Lucky number 13 came up as my random integer (from, so Troy is our lucky winner! Thanks for participating everyone and keep checking back each Friday for some sort of giveaway!


Giveaway #2: Nintendo T-Shirt from E for All [Closed]


TimAlright, the giveaway this week will be a Nintendo t-shirt that was given away at E for All to anyone who played in the Smash Bros. Brawl ‘tournament’ on Friday. Nintendo gave away a different shirt each day. This one is red, size Large, and says For Everone across the front. It has the Wii logo on the sleeve. It’s not the most attractive shirt I’ve ever seen, but it is a Nintendo shirt, and it’s brand new, and it’s free for one lucky commenter who tells me what game they are looking forward to the most this holiday season. I’ll pick the winner some time next week. Good luck!

[Update]: We’re done! Greg Webster is the winner!


Giveaway #1: God of War PSP Demo [Closed]


TimI occasionally get demos from Sony for PS2 or PSP games as part of Playstation Underground. This week I got this God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP) demo disc along with a God of War keychain and $15 off a PSP purchase at Best Buy coupon. Since I no longer have a PSP, I thought someone out there might want it. If you leave a comment below telling us which 2P START! comic is your favorite, I’ll choose one person to send it to. Deadline is whenever I think there are enough comments to randomly pick someone. No multiple comments please.

[Update]: Giveaway is now closed, SGeek wins!


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