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More Mega Man Training

TimTalk about great timing! I saw this video on Joystiq and thought it was especially appropriate given this week’s comic and the new baby in my life. Enjoy!


Tim-Approved: Fairway Solitaire and Others Free

TimI played this amazing casual card game awhile back called Fairway Solitaire and have been waiting for a good deal on it ever since. I wasn’t willing to spend $20 on a casual PC game, and I’m glad I didn’t! You can now get the full download for free from Big Fish Games using a promo code. There are actually quite a few freebies right now if you’re interested, but definitely check out Fairway Solitaire! For the games with promo codes, you’ll need to click ‘Buy Now’ to put them in your cart, then apply the code to get it free. You’ll need to create an account on the site. Here’s the full list:

Mahjong Towers Eternity – Click Here
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville – Same link as above
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst – Code: HOLIDAYRAVEN
Hidden Expedition: Everest – Code: FREEEVEREST
Azada – Code: FREEAZADA
Spa Mania – Code: FREESPA
Fairway Solitaire – Code: FREEFAIRWAY


8 Games that Need Zombies, 9 OCD Moments

TimHere’s a couple of interesting blog posts Ray and I found recently that you guys should check out. First up is 8 Video Games that need a Zombie Mode. This should prove once and for all that zombies make everything better. There are definitely some games here you wouldn’t expect to see, but think of the possibilities! Next, we have The Top 9 Video Game OCD Moments You Know You’re Guilty Of. I’m definitely guilty of a few of these and you will be too!


PETA Joins Call of Duty Protest: No One Surprised


TimAnyone who listened to yesterday’s podcast, knows my Black Doom Award went to stupid kids with nothing better to do than to protest Call of Duty: World at War’s cruelty to virtual dogs. Unsurprisingly, Joystiq reports that PETA joined in the protest recently as a post on their blog praised the students’ efforts and revealed that the organization was sending Activision some copies of Nintendogs, adding that they hope “the next Call of Duty game will have you unlock achievements for petting the dogs you encounter and going on walks or playing Frisbee with them.” Wow.

Tip: Gewurztraminer


First Ever POW Block Bar Stool


TimMom of the Year Award goes to my mom for making my dream a reality. A POW Block bar stool now welcomes guests to sit and play the Mario Bros. reproduction arcade cabinet. I found a couple old bar stools at a garage sale for $1. They were a bit rickety and had round seats, but my handy dad made a square seat and strengthened the stool with deep screws and some glue. My crafty mom took the pixel art POW Block I provided and got the black, white, blue, and light blue fabric needed and cut out the areas to pixel-perfection. After applying the pattern to the black fabric, she made a cushioned seat and wrapped it in plastic material so the POW would never come undone or get dirty. The best part is, sitting on the POW Block doesn’t even use it up!
Click here for more pictures!


Joystiq’s Top 10 Games of 2008

TimI’m sure there will be many similar lists in the weeks to come, but now that you know how Joystiq feels about it, what games do you think are missing? Which don’t deserve to be on the list? Are there really NO worthy handheld or Wii titles? Here’s the list!

1. Fable II
2. Metal Gear Solid 4
3. Left 4 Dead
4. Fallout 3
5. Braid
6. Gears of War 2
7. LittleBigPlanet
8. Far Cry 2
9. Dead Space
10. Mirror’s Edge


Simple Games, Great Music


TimRay just pointed out this site, which has dozens of simple flash games to play with some impressive style and great music. Check them out if you’re bored and let us know which are your favorites so everyone knows which to try out!

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister may have famously sung that the only card he needed was the Ace of Spades but, according to numerous sources, the legendary Motorhead frontman’s favorite games were slot machines. The iconic gambling song was an obvious reference to blackjack, in which the ace of spades used to be the most valuable card. But the late singer and bassist was best known for playing one-armed bandits in London clubs.

If you break down gambling and heavy metal to the pure emotions that people feel when they are enjoying them, there isn’t much difference between the two. Both are high-octane pursuits which get the adrenaline pumping and provide unparalleled thrills. That’s why this particular genre of music and casinos have always gone hand in hand. Heavy metal musicians have been known to have an affinity to gambling as well, with Motorhead famously singing about the “Ace of Spades.” This has led developers to celebrate this link by creating games which represent heavy metal in the online casino industry. It has mainly been seen in slot games so far, but there is potential for heavy metal representations in casino to spread further.


Tim-Approved: Ninja Baseball Bat Man


TimWhen I saw the title of this game on my Mario Bros. MAME cabinet I just about died. Ninjas?!? AND Baseball?!? AND BATMAN?!? Why didn’t I know about this game before? It’s the perfect combination of awesome! Well, I soon found out that it wasn’t referring to THAT Batman, but at least it sounded cool. And soon after that I came to find out it wasn’t actually a baseball game, it was a baseball-themed beat ’em up like every arcade game made in the 90’s (TMNT, X-Men, Simpsons, etc.). STILL, I pushed on, determined to know more, and I’m glad I did. The premise of the game is so silly that it works. See, someone stole artifacts from the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Commissioner of Baseball calls upon these Baseball Ninjas to get them back (the title of the game fails to mention these ninjas are actually ROBOT NINJAS)! I won’t say much more except there are some great screenshots here and here with longer explanations (including the real life ballplayers the characters are named after). My favorite enemy is the living bat that wields…a bat. Despite being bizarre beyond belief, the game has some really nice, colorful graphics and solid gameplay to boot. Reminds me of Dynamite Headdy in some ways, one of Ray’s favorite games.


Sonic Discounts Unleashed


TimThat was fast (get it, because Sonic is fast?). Amazon has Sonic Unleashed for unbelievably low prices for all consoles (except PS3). $10 for PS2, $21 for 360, and $25 for Wii. Just use coupon UNLEASH5 to see the discount. It probably won’t last long though, so get a move on! I wonder if Black Doom had anything to do with this…

(Thanks sheppy, I just saw your comment after I posted this!)


Tim’s Black (Doom) Friday Haul


TimMWUAHAHA!!! Just finished my Black Friday shopping spree and thought I’d share the video game deals I got. These will all be Christmas presents from the wife and family which means I have one month to finish any games I already have!

I’ll admit, I WAS tempted by the Animal Crossing: City Folk bundle on Amazon for $40, but luckily it was sold out which probably kept me from being a hypocrite! Anyone else score any sweet deals?


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