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Tim-Approved: Dizzy Bee Goes On Sale

Dizzy Bee

TimAs you may know from reading my review, Dizzy Bee is my favorite iPhone game. A great value at $2.99, it’s now on sale for the first time ever, down to a cool 99 cents for Thursday and Friday only. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch or plan on getting one soon, buy this game immediately! I promise you won’t regret it! Also, it sounds like Igloo Games is prepping their second iPhone game, and from the sound of it, it may just be a sequel to Dizzy Bee! Announcement after the break.


A More Serious Animal Crossing Comic


TimA lot of you may have seen this awhile back, but since it’s related to this week’s comic, I thought I’d share it with those who hadn’t seen it! This is a very touching comic revolving around Animal Crossing. The original was just a comic, but I like the animated version as well.


Sylar’s iPhone


TimI worked up this image recently after starting season 3 of Heroes. Any Heroes fans out there? If so, do you get the joke? If I had a more appropriate picture of Claire (perhaps from episode 1 of Villians), the joke might be clearer, but I couldn’t find a good screen grab.


Pac-Man Hits Runway, Blinky Close Behind


TimThis was too good not to post. These pictures are from a fashion show in London held earlier today. Have video games really gone high fashion now? Is there any chance the designer wasn’t trying to rip-off Pac-Man? Also seen was a pink Pac-Man, but curiously, neither one had a bow on top. Does this mean they are both males? I fear Pac-Man may now be in the same gray area as Birdo!


Dr. Horrible is Wonderful, Watch it Free Now! [Update]

Dr. Horrible

TimAs a big fan of Firefly, I try to keep up with what Joss Whedon is doing. During the writer’s strike, he took the time to write and film a supervillian musical and it’s awesome. I know it sounds strange, but it’s really hilarious, and for this weekend only, you can watch the whole thing for free (about 45 minutes). After Sunday, it’ll be taken down and sold on DVD. So check it out now before it’s too late!

[Update]: Good news, it’s still free on Hulu, you’ll just have to deal with some commercial interruptions.




TimAm I the only one who finds the results of this question just a LITTLE sad? Where are your priorities, people?!? Can someone please explain to me why, if given a choice to do one or the other, you would choose to help an animal over a person? What if the question was more like, “Would you rather: feed a starving child or neuter a stray dog?” or “If you could only save one from a burning building, would you: save the baby or save the puppy?” I know those are extreme examples, but I still can’t imagine being more fulfilled or feeling better about helping an animal over a human. I guess Wii owners have played a little too much Nintendogs…


Sega: Masters of Mediocrity


TimWith the release of Sega Superstars Tennis this week, we got much of the same from Sega: a missed opportunity. While not the worst Sega game in recent memory, I read many reviews saying things like: “lack of online is an insult to Wii gamers”, “untapped potential”, “passable”, and “lacking any staying power”. While some reviewers enjoyed the game, I found few people saying it was great. This brought a bigger question to mind. What was the last GREAT Sega title we saw? How often DOES Sega go the extra mile? I decided to look at all Sega games in the last couple years on MetaCritic to get the answers to those questions. Here are my results:

  • The average score for the last 20 U.S. Sega titles (counting multi-console releases only once) is 68.
  • The top 3 games were: Virtua Fighter 5 (86.5, PS3 & 360), Bleach: The Blade of Fate (84, DS), and Condemned 2: Bloodshot (82.5, PS3 & 360).
  • The bottom 3 games were: The Golden Compass (36.5, all platforms), Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (56, PS2 & Wii), and Brain Assist (56, DS).
  • The average score for a title with Sonic in it is 66.5, LOWER than the average score for all their games.

    To compare, I looked at the last 20 U.S. Nintendo releases:

  • The average score for the last 20 U.S. Nintendo titles is 77.
  • The top 3 games were: Super Mario Galaxy (97, Wii), Super Smash Bros. Brawl (95, Wii), and a tie for third between Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (90, Wii) and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (90, DS).
  • The bottom 3 games were: DK Barrel Blast (46, Wii), Pokemon Battle Revolution (53, Wii), and Flash Focus (59, DS).
  • The average score for a title with Mario in it is 85.75, MUCH HIGHER than the average score for all their games.

    I think this says a lot about both companies. While Nintendo is capable of some duds, their best games are much better than Sega’s best. Even if you take out both company’s best and worst 3, Nintendo still trumps Sega by 10 points (78 to 68). So the average Nintendo game is of much better quality than the average Sega game. Also, they clearly treat their most prized franchise better than Sega does. Here’s more proof of that: The best Sonic game was made by Nintendo (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and the worst Mario game was made by Sega (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games).


    2P City Getting Bigger


    TimI thought I’d post another update to our 2P START! city on MyMiniCity. It’s gone from a simple field to a budding metropolis and here’s my push to build it up once more. By visiting the city (clicking the links once per day), you contribute to the growth of the city, so get to work!

    Build Population

    Build Industry

    Build Transportation

    Build Security


    Rhythm Blaster Game Features Music by Ray!


    TimI thought I’d bring to everyone’s attention that there’s a great little flash game out there that uses a song Ray wrote for his album Jessica and the Silver Eclipse. The game is called RhythmBlaster and Ray’s song The Curtail of the Covert isn’t just background music (Ray’s is the first level by the way), the song actually helps create the level. The game seems like a basic shooter, but its unique feature is that the waves of enemies appear to the rhythm of the music that’s playing. So please, if you try out the game, have the sound on, it’s a pretty cool experience. Also, there’s a newer version of the game that eliminates the lag issue and has many more levels in it, but it doesn’t use Ray’s song. Check it out if you enjoyed the first version.


    My Reproduction Mario Bros. Arcade Cabinet


    TimI’ve never shared this on 2P START!, but a couple of years ago I decided to build from scratch a MAME arcade machine that was a reproduction of the 1983 Mario Bros. arcade game. It was a ton of work but it now sits proudly in my home as a testament to my accomplishment. Thanks to the wonders of eBay, I was able to secure an original Mario Bros. marquee, bezel, and coin door salvaged off an original arcade machine, as well as some reproduction side art that looks really sharp. The only departure from the original is the control panel which I modified for 2 players with a 6-button layout instead of the original 1 button. This allows for greater flexibility in playing other games. Check out the early entries in the blog to see each step of the process or just check out the final pics. There are also pictures of my brother’s Donkey Kong 3 cabinet which I helped him build once he saw how awesome mine was.


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