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Share your PSN Names Here!

TimAs revealed in the podcast this week, I now have a PS3, so I might as well make some friends, right? (So far the only multiplayer games I have are Modern Warfare 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man). If you’d like, feel free to add me as a friend (PSN Name: wilef). Also, leave your name in the comments to make friends with other 2P START! fans as well!


Little Big Planet Adds Sonic Sackboys


TimWhen I saw this, I just had to post it as it relates to our Little Big Zone comic from last year. Sonic Sackboys are arriving on Little Big Planet and I must say, Ray wasn’t too far off in his version of the Sonic costume. The other thing to note is who is included in this Sonic pack. We’ve got Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik, and…is that? Could it be? No way. WEREHOG?!? *sigh* Oh, Sega, when will you learn…


Metal Gear Solid 4 Impressions


TimAt E for All, the longest wait for any game was Metal Gear Solid 4 (Brawl had shorter play sessions and 4 players at each station). The hour-long wait was well worth it though as Konami did its best to give everyone a worthwhile experience, even if you weren’t very good at the game. Once the long wait was over, Ray and I (and 10 others) were escorted into a room with 12 stacks of sandbags, each with a set of headphones and a Sixaxis controller on it. These were our seats for a 10-15 minute gameplay demonstration given by a Konami employee. This demonstration showed us both the similarities in control with previous MGS titles as well as new features we would see in our time with the game (like the ‘Threat Ring’). Kudos to Konami for going the extra mile with the briefing before playing the demo. Honestly, an expo isn’t exactly the ideal place to enjoy a new video game, so familiarizing us with the game before our short 15 minutes of play definitely helped us enjoy our time more.


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