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Ray Reviews New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

RayMy review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii is now available! It should be a fairly brisk read. Full Review

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Tim Reviews Flipside for the iPhone!


TimIt’s been awhile since my last review, but when Dizzy Bee’s developer offers me an opportunity to review their latest game, I’m all over it! Check out what I thought of this innovative Match-3 game, new on the iPhone.


Ray Reviews Let’s Tap for the Wii

Let's Tap Review

RayYou got a little taste of my thoughts on the game with our recent comic, but here’s a full review for you to look through.


Tim Reviews Little Red Sled for the iPhone!


TimThe developers over at Imangi gave me a review copy of Little Red Sled for the iPhone last month. Here we are a month later, and it’s finally up! For those iPhone and iPod Touch owners, let me know what you think!


Tim Reviews Fantastic Contraption for the iPhone!


TimThe creators of Fantastic Contraption for the iPhone were kind enough to provide review copies, and while it took me awhile to finish it, my review is up! For those iPhone and iPod Touch owners, let me know what you think. For everyone else, you can still enjoy the game on your bulky PC as the Flash version is here.


Ray Reviews Sonic(s) Unleashed

SU Review

TimRay has posted his reviews of BOTH Sonic Unleashed versions in one MEGA-REVIEW!!! It’s a must-read, so read it!

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Ray Reviews Samba de Amigo

SDA Review

TimRay has posted his review of the Wii-make, Samba de Amigo. He really wanted to LOVE this game, but boy were there problems. See for yourself!


Ray Reviews Mega Man 9

MM9 Review

TimRay has finally posted his review of the retro-looking Mega Man 9! This was a tough one for him to write as he didn’t agree with all the choices Capcom made, but you’ll have to read the review if you want to find out more!


Tim Reviews Dizzy Bee for the iPhone!


TimWell, it took me long enough, but after four weeks of being half-written, I’ve finally finished my review of Dizzy Bee! I think I wanted the review to be as perfect as this awesome game, but seeing how impossible that would be, I went ahead and posted it anyway. Enjoy!


Ray Reviews Mario Super Sluggers


TimWhile I hated the game enough to rid myself of it within a week, Ray persevered to bring you this review of Mario Super Sluggers. If you want my review, just take Ray’s score and subtract infinity!


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