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Tim’s Take: Mario’s Best Friend


TimDespite the hatred controversy with this week’s comic, I made time to whip up a Tim’s Take with Yoshi. Enjoy the bonus content. It doesn’t cost a penny more than the regular subscription fee you pay us to read the normal comics. Oh wait…


Brawl In The Family Guest Strip!

TimAs promised, there will be two strips this week. As some had guessed, our first is a guest strip on Brawl in the Family! This is actually the first guest strip we’ve ever done too! Matt from BitF did an excellent guest strip for us a couple months ago, so we wanted to return the favor. Enjoy!


Send Your 2P START! Valentines! [Update]





TimAs promised, we made more valentines this year and again you can send them off to friends and loved ones! This doesn’t get you off the hook entirely though. Send your mom some flowers and take that nice girl you’re seeing out to dinner and a movie! Happy V-Day everyone!

Update: As requested, here are all the valentines zipped up if you would like to print them individually on cardstock or photo paper to hand out!


The Death of 2P START! (Wednesday Comics)


TimIt’s time for a change, folks. We all hate messing with routine, but this should have been done long ago. We are officially killing our weekly Wednesday comics (gasp!) and birthing a new schedule of Thursday comics. There are a few reasons for doing this:

1. More time between updates – The site always felt a bit lopsided towards the beginning of the week with major updates on Mondays and Wednesdays. This also gave little time for Ray to recover from podcast editing before jumping right into meeting the demands of a comic. Hopefully this change will result in more polished, well-thought out comics.

2. Lost starts soon – Ray’s obsession with Lost will make Tuesday nights very bad for trying to get comics done. Once he finishes watching a Lost episode, he recreates each scene with papercraft versions of the characters and speculates on what Lost is really about on all the internet forums and blogs. This consumes the majority of his evening.

3. April Fools Day lands on a Thursday this year – MWUAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ray’s Music Collectibles


TimOur final updates to close out 2009 are now up. You’ll notice the page headers for the Forum, Contact page, Blog, Extras, and podcast have all been updated to match the style of the tabs and nav bar better. The bigger change though is a new addition to Ray’s Music in the Extras section. There’s now a Music Collectibles page that includes songs Ray has presented on the podcast that aren’t a part of his official albums. You’ll find his rendition of White Christmas, a remix of Joy Electric’s Dance to Moroder, a nice Pixel Vision Medley, and a song written for our first fan that left the site. There’s even some album art there for you too. Enjoy, and again, Happy New Year!


My Latest Masterpiece – Pac-Man Mini!


TimMy latest project is now done. This was a wedding gift for my brother and his wife (I’m about 20 months late). It’s a 3/4 size Pac-Man cabinet with original coin door and marquee (from a Pac-Man mini cabinet). The artwork for the side art was sized down to fit and then each individual piece was cut out so there would be no white or yellow border around it. The control panel artwork is pretty much unmodified, just resized. The 1 and 2 player start buttons act as action buttons and there are 2 hidden buttons under the marquee/light to act as start and coin insert. The bezel artwork is modified to fit the vertical monitor orientation (CRT 17″) and is just printed on paper between 2 pieces of plexi. Inside is a Keywiz eco-40 and an old Dell PC just barely small enough to fit in the bottom. I plan on detailing the build process when I get time, but for now, here are some final pictures.



New 2P START! Shirts: Cheaper + 15% Off!


TimI don’t think we ever posted it here, so if you don’t listen to the podcast (how dare you!), you might not know that we’ve got 4 new shirts in the 2P Shop! We’ve even lowered the price on all the shirts by $1, and you can use the promo code ANTIGRINCH at checkout for an additional 15% off! If it’s your first order at Split Reason (our wonderful merchandise partner), you can even save an extra $2 by filling out a short survey. The only thing left to decide is: which shirt will you get?


See Ray’s College Hill Sitcom Video

RayI made another video for the college group, this time in the style of old sitcom intros from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It was the answer to our question of “what’s a way to start off College Hill each week with a video introducing the leaders of the group that would be memorable, funny, update-able and would never get old?

Astute readers should recognize my introduction as a spoof on a scene from a favorite 2P START! comic.


Why I Love Amazon


TimNot only did I get New Super Mario Bros. Wii for $46.99 instead of $49.99, but I didn’t have to pay tax, got a $10 credit for a future game (Spirit Tracks anyone?), and got free shipping too! Of course I figured the free shipping would mean I’d get the game a week later than everyone, but how about a day AHEAD of release? Heck, I even get an error when trying to register the game on Club Nintendo because it says it’s not out yet!

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Ray – Live in Concert! [video]

RayFootage from my show on Thursday night of a song that Pixel Vision fans should be more than familiar with…


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