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Ray – Live in Concert! [pics]

RayHere’s a number of photos from my recent concerts. With any luck, I’ll have a little footage up soon as well. Enjoy!





Halloween Cards Now Available!


TimAs promised, you can now email your favorite Halloween cards to your friends and enemies! Just click on the thumbnail of the one you want to send and fill out the form. Enjoy, and have a safe, fun Halloween!


Zip Chord / invincibility Music Video

TimWith the recent Lace comic and podcast, it seemed appropriate to share Ray’s old music video for “Zip Chord / invincibility” on his Pixel Vision album from 2005 which shows Lace in some high-speed action. For those who haven’t seen it before, this is about as close to Pixel Vision gameplay as we may ever see, but it sure does look fun!


Lace’s Action Scene Now a Wallpaper


RayWe had a request to make this panel from Comic #134 into a wallpaper, and it had been long enough since our last update to feel justified. So you can now find it available in the Extras! section of the site.


2P Fan Art! One Beauty, One Funny!


TimThe image above was sent to us by our fan May who did a great job capturing Tim and Ray’s qualities while introducing them in a totally new style. Click the image for a bigger version! This next piece of fan art is bizarre but hilarious, sent to Ray by a friend on Facebook. Check it out!


Podcast DELAYED! Bribe forthcoming…

TimSorry guys, Ray has been having seriously major internet troubles, which made recording the podcast rather dreadful, editing the podcast rather lengthy, and uploading the podcast next to impossible! Nevertheless, Ray will find a way to get the podcast up for you guys later today. He promises it’s worth the wait for some truly funny moments. In the meantime, this is about a good a time as any for me to post some things I’ve been meaning to for awhile, so put away the pitchforks, we won’t let you down!


The Lame Show: Ray’s Guest Appearance


RayI had the pleasure of being on a podcast I didn’t have to meticulously edit myself, and had a blast discussing summer movies with Eddie and Noah. Although it took me a few minutes to warm up, those of you always hoping for something between now and Monday should find more than enough here to enjoy.


Let’s Try This Again…

TimHad problems with the last post (and subsequent comments), so I deleted it entirely. The site now supports threaded comments. There are other minor changes (like smaller Gravatars), so sound off! If you don’t like something, I’m happy to change it!


2P START! on Twitter


TimTwitter seems to make more and more sense these days, so Ray and I have committed to using it more intentionally. Ray has already been posting updates for comics and podcasts on Twitter as well as podcast recording times for potential callers who want to ask questions. I’ll try using it for some micro-blogging as it’s quicker than adding blog posts to the site, especially for more insignificant news. If you’d like to follow us, click here for Ray2P and here for Tim2P. You’ll also notice that the new badges on the sidebar include our latest Tweets and link to our profile pages.


It may be a while…..

Ray Hey everyone. Ray here. The comic has been done and ready to go since Tuesday night, but since Tim’s wife is still currently in the delivery room, I don’t feel comfortable posting a comic somewhat related to the subject until we’ve gotten word from Tim that all is well. And since I just received word from Tim that it may be a long night, I figured I should let you guys know that we may not see the comic for a bit.

I understand that waiting so long for a comic’s release will give the false impression that it will be 16,000 times better than normal, but it is honestly only intended to fill a small gap for what was a very hectic week for the both of us. So I ask that you please not get your expectations up while we honor Tim and Sarah with patience.

Thanks for understanding.


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