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New Wallpaper Now Available!


TimAsk and you shall receive! Many of you asked Ray to make BOTH panels 2 and 4 of this week’s comic into wallpaper, and he did just that. They are now available in the Extras! section of the site. I told you we’d make up for the lack of podcast this week!


A Few Shots From Ray’s Show

RayThe concert last Friday night went over incredibly well, despite my best efforts to confuse newcomers with flashing lights and electronic music. I’m holding off on releasing video of the entire event, as I’ll probably just use the footage to create a promo video for my future shows. I wouldn’t mind throwing a quick sample of a song from Pixel Vision up here, so we’ll see. Enjoy!


Getting some advice from Chip. He was not told to press the ‘A’ button.



No Podcast This Week

TimSorry about this guys, but the timing of things just didn’t work out. We’ll try to make it up to you though with a post later today and maybe other content later in the week. Thanks for understanding!


Podcast Coming Soon, Watch This While You Wait!

TimRay is having some internet problems right now, so we thought you’d enjoy this video he made while you wait! He made this for a group he meets with that is moving locations.


Brawl Page Updates – Toon Tim Available!

TimThe Brawl! page in the Extras! section has been spruced up a bit and now includes the downloads for both Toon Ray and Toon Tim texture hacks. Check it out!


Track Spirit Wallpaper Now Available!

Wind Waker

TimOur Track Spirit comic is now available in wallpaper form in the Extras! section of the site. While it wasn’t one of our most highly regarded comics, I enjoyed it, and especially liked seeing it so LARGE! Even if you don’t use it for a wallpaper, go and take a look so you can enjoy Ray’s artwork in IMAX proportions. As a bonus, we now have an iPhone-sized version available as well!


Wind Waker Wallpaper Now Available!

Wind Waker

TimRay’s award-winning artwork coupled by my brilliant mind made for a great comic last week, so we thought we’d celebrate with some wallpaper! Ray even went the extra mile to make a 1920×1200 version of the wallpaper, which I can only imagine is for your 50″ plasma TV! I’ll also have you know that this is now my personal wallpaper and could only be replaced by Link in panel 2 (hint, hint).


No Podcast This Week, Not A Joke

TimWith all the April Foolery going around, you might think I’m kidding, but sadly I’m not. Ray was gone all weekend visiting his bro, so we were going to record Monday night and be a day late. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me as my life depends on this huge paper due Tuesday. Long story short: no podcast. This will have to be one of the four weeks this season that we get a break (in fact I think it’s our first). So what’s a fan to do? Here are some ideas!

  • Vote for ‘someone’ on Joystiq’s Weekly Webcomic Wrapup (seriously, we don’t need help this week, so pick your true favorite and report back which it is!).
  • Vent your frustrations in the forum (or just introduce yourself!).
  • Wait patiently for next week.
  • Buy a DSi.
  • Ask Ray to whip up something in place of the podcast that doesn’t involve me (he’s mentioned doing this, so start pleading!).
  • Umm…that’s all I got.
  • Once again, sorry that things didn’t work out this week, but we’ll be back in full force next week, and we certainly will have a comic to look forward to as well in just a couple days!

    Tags: Thinks We’re Swell!

    TimJust thought I’d point you guys to a recent post on called 10 Great Gaming Webcomics! Not a ton of surprises on the list (although there may be one or two you haven’t seen yet), but Ray and I were happy to see 2P START! make the list. It’s an honor to be on the list, so I thought I’d share it with all of you!


    WARNING! Challenger Approaching!


    TimWell the bad news is that Tim and I will be unable to record a podcast for Monday… but the freakin’ awesome news is that thanks to your dedicated clicking powers – WE’VE WON ANOTHER Wii! That’s right – if you left a comment in this blog post, then you have a 1 in 93 chance of claiming the Wii as your own. And who knows, we may even do a small consolation prize….

    But wait… if there’s no podcast… then… when do we find out who won?! Well, we don’t have time to do a regular show, but we do have a few minutes to record a very short episode – it’ll just be an extra day before it’s released. Which happens to be my birthday – so consider it a gift from me to you.

    So tune in for a mini 2P START! Live! podcast on Tuesday (3/17) at 9AM-PST to see if you’re a winner!


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