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Smash Bros. Brawl: Hands-on

Ray Upon walking into the Expo, we immediately noticed giant Smash Bros banners and posters hanging from the ceiling, including the strange snow-cone shaped ones which are advertising for the DS games directly below them.

Nintendo design choice. Smash Bros setup.

The Smash Bros. Brawl area worked like this: people waited in line by sitting in a large set of bleachers while watching people play on the flat screen TV. After every match, 16 people would be moved to a four Smash Bros stations where they would battle it out for two minutes. Each winner from the four stations would move on to play a “championship round” on the big screen everyone in the bleachers is watching. Here are some images from when I was sitting there.

Smash Bros Championship. Selecting a stage to brawl on.

The unfortunate (yet hilarious) part of this setup were the two booth babes doing their best to give the “play-by-play” of the match on the big screen. They were very much into trying to entertain everyone, but they clearly did not really know the game. Saying the names of characters once selected, or counting off the last five seconds of the match were easy for them. But making small talk was not. They would try to get the crowd riled up by having us do the wave, or asking us questions such as “what’s your favorite final smash?” and “who owns this game on Gamecube?” At one point they wanted us to ask them a question. Really? Why would the experts ask the questions?



Sonic Confirmed for Brawl; Delayed

Sonic in Brawl

RaySweet! I called this over a year and a half ago, back when no one thought it was possible. As an obsessive fan of Sonic, it still feels a little like a dream, but I’m happy Sonic has made it into the game, and he looks great. Not perfect, but great.
delayed Noooooooooo….. please… at least 2007…

Update: Delayed until February 10th, 2008.


Smash Bros: Character Select Screen


Character Select

This image is very interesting to me because it goes against this original image on the Smash Bros Dojo:

Character Select

Personally, I like the new version on the video screen much better – it reminds me a lot of Melee. I assume this select screen is a demo version for the conference, and yet it’s still missing Pok√©mon Trainer, Lucas, Wario, Zero Suit Samus, Ice Climbers, Zelda, etc.

I’m curious to see how the “ridiculous” number of characters all fit on the screen in the final version when each one is unlocked. Remember Nintendo, I don’t have widescreen!


Place Your Bets

RaySuper Smash Bros. Dojo has been giving those addictive daily updates about the new Wii title, but what you may not have noticed is that there’s a lot of freaks like me who have been paying way too close of attention to the details.

The Missing Icon

Franchise icons (shown above) are used to highlight which game a character, stage, or item is from. These are labeled as /world_b_01.jpg, /world_b_02.jpg, /world_b_03.jpg, etc. etc. Except when you hit number 13, the icon is missing. This was also true for numbers 14 and 17 until Ice Climbers and Solid Snake showed up. The question is, which game will take the unknown spot?

My guess is Mr.Game&Watch.

What I really want to know, however, is whether or not these icons stop at number 18…


This is Power

kksliderTimThe other day, on the Smash Bros. Dojo, Sakurai (the Smash Bros. creator) posted the music to the Animal Crossing stage. At the end of the post he said, “Heroes always arrive late.” I thought to myself, “That’s pretty cryptic, I wonder what it means?” Well, I’m not the only one as a simple Google search for that sentence shows the buzz surrounding this game. Does it mean K. K. Slider is a playable character? Or another character from Animal Crossing? Or maybe Sonic? Sakurai must have a lot of fun dangling secrets in front of salivating fanboys everywhere. Now that’s power.


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