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Ray Reviews New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

RayMy review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii is now available! It should be a fairly brisk read. Full Review

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Why I Love Amazon


TimNot only did I get New Super Mario Bros. Wii for $46.99 instead of $49.99, but I didn’t have to pay tax, got a $10 credit for a future game (Spirit Tracks anyone?), and got free shipping too! Of course I figured the free shipping would mean I’d get the game a week later than everyone, but how about a day AHEAD of release? Heck, I even get an error when trying to register the game on Club Nintendo because it says it’s not out yet!

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Wha?!? Excitebike is Back and Online!

TimWow, this came out of nowhere, but I’m happy to purchase a revived Nintendo classic with updated graphics and online multiplayer! Hey Nintendo, this is only my second WiiWare purchase, the first being Dr. Mario. See a pattern? Keep it coming!


Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Contest

TimYay, a contest! A chance to win something! So how does it work? Well, we need to gauge how ‘influential’ 2P START! is in the gaming universe. You can help us figure that out by clicking on the boxing glove above to find out more about Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, the new boxing game coming out next month for the Wii. Then, leave a comment below telling us how you think it’ll stack up to past boxing experiences on the Wii (Wii Sports Boxing, Victorious Boxers: Revolution, Showtime Championship Boxing, FaceBreaker K.O. Party) OR other boxing games around the corner (namely: Punch-Out!!). So what’s the prize? Can’t tell you yet because it depends on how influential 2P START! is. The more unique clicks that little boxing gloves gets, the better the prize. At a minimum we’ll pick one lucky commenter at random to get a 2P START! t-shirt of their choice.

Note: Unique clicks means, once per computer/IP address, so don’t waste your time clicking again and again.


Wii Drought

TimI just saw the release calendar for Nintendo’s Wii and DS, and I’m blown away that the only Nintendo-published games coming out between January and March are the two GameCube remakes Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis, and they are coming in March. Now I am pretty excited about Mario Power Tennis, but give me a break! The last two releases from Nintendo were Animal Crossing on November 16th and Wii Music on October 20th! Those two games weren’t exactly must-have titles for me either. So December, January, and February will see no Wii releases from Nintendo. Fortunately there are a couple promising titles from Sega (ironic?), but I sure hope we see some fireworks from Nintendo soon because my Wii is really collecting dust!


Ray Reviews Sonic(s) Unleashed

SU Review

TimRay has posted his reviews of BOTH Sonic Unleashed versions in one MEGA-REVIEW!!! It’s a must-read, so read it!

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A Little Out of Date…

TimI found this sentence in my business class text book, and although the copyright date is 2008, I think their information is a little outdated. The class is on Strategic Management and the book is Contemporary Strategy Analysis by Robert M. Grant.

“A critical issue for Nintendo in the coming years will be whether it possesses the financial and technological resources to continue to compete head-to-head with Sony and Microsoft in the market for video game consoles.”

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, technically they picked a strategy where they didn’t have to compete head-to-head on technology, and clearly the strategy was a winning one.


Catching Up on Friend Codes

RayTim and I have both made our friend codes available for a small number of games, and I have done everything I can to make sure I have added everybody who has posted their codes. However, I still have seven Mario Kart Wii friends “awaiting registration” and even more than that in Brawl. So I’m writing this message to help clear up any confusion.

If you still have me listed as “awaiting registration,” then leave a comment and remind me of your code. I will double-check if I have added you yet and leave comments regarding the follow-up. Remember, this is only for me. So don’t bother leaving comments for Tim unless he joins in on this.



Dr. Mario Friend Codes

Dr. Mario

TimDr. Mario on WiiWare is pretty fun to play online, so I thought I’d post our Friend Codes to share with anyone out there that has bought this game as well. By now you know the drill. Just post your Friend Code below, add me and Ray, and we’ll add you guys as well. See you online!
Tim: 6356-3108-1184
Ray: 9884-9991-8644


Ray Reviews Wii Fit

Wii Fit Review

Ray “When the Wii was first announced, Nintendo’s focus towards an expanded audience came with promises of new and exciting gameplay through the use of innovative and intuitive controls. In that case, Wii Fit is the quintessential Wii title, as promised.”

Click here to read the full review

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