Zelda Ship Part Trading Post

Phantom Hourglass

TimRay and I are both completionists when it comes to videogames, so we are just dying to get all the ship parts in Phantom Hourglass. Looking at some of the forums out there, many of you are also looking to complete your collection, so let’s help each other out! Leave your Phantom Hourglass Friend Code in the comments below and we promise to add you. Here are our Friend Codes for y’all to add as well:
Tim: 120 371 687 656
Ray: 081 717 962 761

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  1. Zane says:

    455 378 941 729

  2. Dash says:

    My friend code: 313 645 993 077

    Man, this ship parts are almost as hard as the 100 skultulas from Ocarina (but thank God is better than Wind Waker Freakin-Hard-to-Find-Triforce Quest).

  3. Tim says:

    Alright, I’ve added Dash and Zane, email me with your lists of duplicate parts if you want to trade!

  4. Foster999 says:

    were is the trading post???

  5. Tim says:

    Well, by ‘post’ I meant that I was posting an article about Zelda Ship Part Trading. But if you’re asking how you do it, there’s a little sub-island on the main island (Mercay Island) in the top-right corner. Once you are far enough in the game to access that area you can place an item in each of 3 boxes by this Hippie Dude. Then, when you play someone online in Battle mode, your items and their items get swapped.

  6. Flashx11 says:

    I am willing to trade away a Golden Prow, a Golden Hull, a Golden Cannon, a Golden Handrail, or a Golden Chimney (because I have two of all of the above).

    I do not have and would like to trade one of the above for a Golden Bridge.
    I do not have the Vintage Hull, Meager Cannon, Fear Cannon, Barrel Shack (it is really a bridge), Shell Apartment (also a bridge), or Demon Chimney.

    I have duplicates of and am willing to trade away a ton of other regular ship parts. Feel free to ask for specific parts.
    List of all parts in the game: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda12ShipParts.php

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