Super Mario Galaxy Impressions (Tim + Ray)


TimAt E for All, Ray and I each got 10 minutes to play around with Super Mario Galaxy before the booth babes ruined our fun. And it was fun, but it made me realize that a video game expo was not the ideal environment to enjoy a Mario title. Ten minutes felt like 2 minutes and wasn’t nearly enough time to do anything. Basically, you start out in the ‘hub’ where Rosette stands and waits for you do do all her dirty work. From the hub, Mario can access the galaxies which reside in different rooms in the hub. In the demo, one galaxy was unlocked along with all its areas. Each area is a different level with three stars to get (not sure if there will be more than three stars in the final version) and can consist of a planet or some other celestial region (some areas require Mario to fly from meteor to meteor, etc.). I played a boss battle against a giant robot that Bowser Jr. sent to destroy me and the bee stage we’ve all seen on the internet.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, classic Mario platforming with a great, polished look. The controls were great with one minor gripe. While Ray played, I had the second player remote and was able to collect mini colored stars that add to the player’s score. That’s all fine and good (if not a bit boring for the second player), but I could also do something else. If I pointed the remote at Mario and hit the A button, I would spin Mario a bit in place. Ray found this pretty annoying because he’d be running to do something and all of a sudden I’d stop him in his tracks. Of course I kept doing it to annoy him, but really, what’s the point of this feature? Maybe it does have a function, but I find it odd that the second player can affect the movement of the first player. Anyway, the game will be awesome when it comes out and everyone needs to buy it. I’m just looking forward to enjoying the game in the comfort of my own home.

RayI really didn’t enjoy Mario Galaxy as much as I thought I would have. This isn’t to say the game sucks, but I just felt like something was missing. What was missing was the ability to sit down and spend a good couple hours on it at my own pace. Instead I spent the first three minutes of my time trying to click through menus and loads of text-bubbles in an effort to play a level I had never seen which was available in a separate galaxy. Once I got there, I raced through it as fast as I possibly could, to see as much as possible, which simply isn’t a good way to “enjoy” the game. This game rocks, but I just wish I could have truly “played” it.

I think I really enjoyed messing around with the Booth Babe. She would try to help me by saying things such as, “Careful! Don’t get squished!” So I would reply with, “Thanks for letting me know. Before you said that, I was actually planning on getting squished. I guess I wanted to see what it would be like, you know? Just to try it out?” Hopefully she found me serious, because I was trying pretty hard to hold a straight face. Good times. Tim, do you remember anything else I said to her? I feel like I had so many funny replies to her helpful comments…..

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  1. Noodle_93 says:

    I’m getting it regardless of any review/preview or whatever. Don’t worry, it’ll feel really good when you can go at your own pace and play till the early hours of the morning.

  2. Tim says:

    Ray, I don’t remember what you said to her, but I think you said everything I wanted to say to her but didn’t have the heart to. She was seriously ruining any surprise by telling us exactly what to do.

    Noodle, you’re right, this purchase is a no-brainer.

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