Zack & Wiki: Quest to Actually Find This Game


TimWell, Ray finally found this game, but I’m still looking. Ray checked a number of places and after much hassle finally found it at Best Buy. I checked GameStop (out of stock), Toys “R” Us (didn’t know why they didn’t have it), Circuit City (no clue), and Target (nowhere in sight). Today I’m determined to get it, but my question is, why is this game so hard to find? There must have been a shipping delay because it wasn’t in any of the Sunday ads and many places are still calling it a pre-order. Meanwhile Ray is happily enjoying the challenging adventure. We’ll be sure to talk about the game in our next podcast, Ray will eventually review the game, and I’ll post my impressions once I hunt it down.

[Update] I found it! Another GameStop nearby had it. I was bummed that they had already opened it for me, but with a 10% off coupon and a gift card I had, I only paid $17 out of pocket so I can’t complain too much!

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  1. Lava says:

    Wow, so that’s pretty much how it is everywhere huh? I tried Best Buy first, then Gamestop, then Target, then Meijer, and finally found it at the evil empire that is Wal-Mart.

    It’s kind of weird that this is how it is everywhere in America, or maybe just everywhere.

    I can understand how most retailers wouldn’t really know what it is, but Gamestop? The guy didn’t even know what I was talking about… Well, after a few minutes he finally remembered, and said they sold all THREE that they had. (They apparently didn’t even anticipate THAT many to sell.)

    By the way, for anyone still on the fence, I’m not really even that far into it, (maybe just started the second world, I don’t know) but it’s AWESOME, and it’s already giving me a nice bit of challenge here and there. If it keeps ramping up the difficulty and length of puzzles, I’ll be very happy. Heck, I already am!

    (Posted nearly the exact same thing elsewhere, but no need to change my thoughts right?)

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