Being Located


RaySo there I was watching GameTrailer’s Game Head, when I was forced to pause the show on this clip. Did you see what I saw? If not, let me help point it out for you…

Ray and Tim!

Look! It’s Ray and Tim! Our identities finally revealed, here we’re shown literally standing and looking at the Smash Bros. Brawl booth. I think I’m making some hand gestures while confessing to Tim about my love for the game. Ah, you mean you guys didn’t interview us? You haven’t seen how big of stars we’ve become? And that fans around the world are begging to see us give an interview together? (sarcasm)Maybe some year…

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  1. MKava says:

    Heh, congrats. It’s always nice to see yourself somewhere you didn’t expect to be seen. Interview? One day, one day. 🙂

  2. Someone says:

    lolz, so close, so close…

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