See the Guts of the Pretendo Vii

TimIf you listened to the podcast this week, you probably heard Ray talk about the Wii knockoff, the Vii. There was a hilarious commercial for it on YouTube that shows this very clearly. Well, there’s one aspect of the Vii that is very different than the Wii. I know it’s in Chinese, but you HAVE to watch at least the first 60 seconds of this video. And make sure the sound is on. Really hilarious stuff.

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  1. Narnian says:

    Wow. That is such a copy of the Wii it’s not even funny. Ok, it’s funny. That is probably chinese for “Hey, I hope we have a good lawyer!”

  2. Noodle_93 says:

    Hahaha. There’s like no electronics in it! What a rip-off. Reminds me of this:

  3. SomeChineseGuy says:

    Translation summary: The Vii weighs as much as a box full of cotton. It has working ports for… expansion? They also glued a weight to the bottom of the box because it wasn’t heavy enough. And the video/audio cable mysteriously has two outputs even though there are three. Hmm.

  4. Moxon says:

    You know about Chinese piracy right?
    And how the Wii hasnt come out there (yet)?

  5. hyper says:


  6. Noodle_93 says:

    You know about Chinese piracy right?
    And how the Wii hasnt come out there (yet)?

    The reason why this was allowed to happen is because China, and many parts of Asia, have very little copyright laws. Meaning, I can make a YBox359 with the same controller as the 360, even the same logo, and it can be passed and permitted for selling.

  7. Saturn2888 says:

    Ok, I did NOT expect that.

  8. Retl says:

    Ahahahaha, oh wow! I wasn’t expecting the Vii to have such puny looking insides for all the space it has. Definitely doing things just to knock off the Wii and little else.

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