Ray Reviews NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams


NiGHTS Review

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  1. Dash says:

    Once again, Sega has a perfect game and formula and decides to add a bunch of out of place elements to create a mediocre game.

    What has happened to Sonic Team? Why can’t they just stick to the basics: Sonic=run, Nights=fly?

    Nice review, Ray. I liked the comparative videos and agree with everything. There’s a good game there, but it’s buried under Sega’s “Let’s add anything even if has nothing to do with the game” approach.

    Next game: “Nightmare, Journey of Guns”. From the same guys that came up with Shadow…

  2. sushyee says:

    Great review. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The video comparisons were a nice touch as well.

    I received this game about a week ago for a Secret Santa exchange. I was rather excited, as I had heard how great the first game had been. (though I never played it because I never had a Sega Dreamcast…)

    Not unlike you, I got frustrated at some of the shortcomings in the game, despite not knowing what the first game had really been like. The wii-specific controls were messy and impossible to coordinate well, things didn’t really make sense (in a bad way), and some of the graphics, were, well, hideous.

    I agree with you though. It’s definitely enjoyable… To a certain extent.

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