Name That Game #6 [Update]


TimI thought I’d sandwich in a Name That Game between yesterday’s podcast and tomorrow’s comic. If you’re new to this little game, rules are posted after the break. Good luck!

[Update]: Rachel is indeed correct, the image you see is from the classic game: [spoiler]Q*bert! That poster was always funny to me because they gave Q*bert arms for once just so he could carry a giant quarter (or is Q*bert really that small???). Great jeorb Rachel![/spoiler]

Above, you’ll see a small portion of a much larger picture. This picture is some sort of official artwork for a videogame. It could be a screenshot, or box art, or a flyer, or anything the publisher put out related to the game. Your challenge is to figure out which game it’s from. If no one guesses correctly in a reasonable amount of time, I’ll expand the window a bit and let you see a little more. This is a ‘just for fun’ contest, but you should still try to Name That Game!

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  1. hyper says:

    uhh i going to guess Yoshi story

  2. vincecult says:

    i was thinking perhaps that was part of a koopa kid or a lemming but so far no success on a game

  3. Daniel says:

    I know what the full picture looks like because it’s one of my friends’ livejournal icon, but I have no idea what game it’s from :S

  4. dj75728 says:

    Super Mario bros. 3? Head kinda looks like one of Bowser’s nephews or whatever

  5. Rachel says:

    This is the character “Slick” from the video game Q*Bert. I know this, because this is my livejournal icon. This is from the “Q*Bert Qollects Quarters” arcade flyer. You can see most of it here.

    I’m a major dork :-p

  6. Ray says:

    As always, I had no idea what this was. No lie.

  7. Rokai says:

    As always, I had no idea what this was. No lie.

    that’s becouse you’re too old for gaming 😛

  8. Andrew says:

    Wow, totally missed it.

    Woohooo, editable comments!

  9. lwelyk says:

    That’s right Rachel, good jeorb! : P

  10. dj75728 says:

    Nice one Rachel, wouldn’t have guessed it in a thousand years.

    Yay!!! I’s be edible editable!! :mrgreen:

  11. dr. game says:

    I think it’s one of thos tak gams too meny too fast just one a week wold leve room for other blog stuff

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