Wii Wheels Losing Wireless Connections???

TimWhen I went to Best Buy to purchase Mario Kart Wii yesterday, I was asked if I wanted a $5 extended warranty on the game to protect it from scratches. This sounded absolutely ridiculous, so I declined. However, the manager was kind enough to remind me that the game came with the Wii Wheel, a piece of hardware that was ALSO covered by the $5 warranty! This makes the $5 warranty much more valuable than normal $5 warranties because it protects so much more. I still wasn’t convinced I needed it until she revealed that if the Wii Wheel ever lost its wireless connection, I could get it replaced. WHAT?!?!? The scary part to me is that this line probably works on some ignorant parents that buy the game for their kids. There were so many things I could have said at that moment, but I kindly declined for the third or fourth time and left the store shaking my head. I suppose if you’re worried that your piece of plastic will cease being plastic or fail to hold your Wii Remote, the warranty will give you peace of mind. Anyone else get peddled like this?

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  1. Andrew says:

    The same thing applies to the Guitar controllers for Wii, which have built in blue tooth wireless connectivity.

    But no, my game purchasing was as follows:

    Gamestop employee: “Hi, Can I help you with any../”

    Me: “Mario Kart Wii, I have it preordered.”

    GE: “Ok, Can I get …”

    Me: “555-123-4567”

    GE: “Would you like..”

    Me: *Evil stare that challenges the employee to complete the sentence*

    GE: “That will be 48.72”

    ME: *swipe, scribble, grab*

    GE: “Have a nice day.”

    I almost never have people try to upsell stuff to me, mostly because of my evil stare. My wife seriously apologizes to retail workers fairly often if they try to upsell me.

  2. Gewurztraminer says:

    The wheels lose the connection?!? Now you tell me, I just bought a second one and didn’t get a warranty!!

    so completely kidding. However, they did try upsell me at Target, where I got my MKwii copy. I politely said no and just tried not to look like a 27 year old goof excited like it was Christmas.

  3. dj75728 says:

    I buy everything from the three gamestop’s in Houston where my friends work, so I don’t get peddled anything.

  4. Dragonblader1 says:

    Wii Wheels losing wireless connection? The Wii Wheel doesn’t even have a wireless connection. In fact you can just use the Wiimote by itself like the Wii Wheel instead of buying a 2nd one. It’s impossible for the Wheel to lose it’s connection if it never had one in the first place.

  5. M. Kava says:

    @Dragonblader1: That… that… thats the joke. Yeah.. joke.

    The guy who attended me at my local Best Buy asked me if I wanted the 5$ warranty and I told him I didn’t need one on a game or a piece of plastic. He left me alone. πŸ˜€ But yes, somebody did try to upsell me. Happens everywhere I go unless I know the employees.

    Probably both my best and worst case of upselling was at the Wii launch back in November ’06 at the same local Best Buy. I had just enough money left to purchase the Wii and Twilight Princess (food and gas had killed off whatever money I had remaining for camping provisions.. yay for camping in sweatshirts in 10 degree weather) and told the person attending me that I didn’t have enough monies for anything but what I had on the counter and the sales tax accompanying it. She insisted that I listen to her spiel about the warranty even though I objected by saying I had no mo’ money to pay for it. I understand she was doing her job and was warning me about it since the Wiimote did have that fancy new waggle technology (technical term.. says the computer programmer) and had the chance of manufacturing error. It’s just annoying when the person is forced to tell you a spiel when they know you won’t buy it anyways. Best and worst, heh.

  6. paq says:

    Haha, so funny! You guys should make a comic about it πŸ˜‰

  7. Gneekman says:

    The same thing applies to the Guitar controllers for Wii, which have built in blue tooth wireless connectivity.

    Actually the ones for Wii utilize the Remote’s Bluetooth, and don’t have it built in.

    Back on the topic of Mario Kart, I haven’t gotten it yet, but as soon as I can get some cash together I’m heading to my local Game Crazy and picking up a copy.

  8. Andrew says:

    I know they don’t have it built in. Ray commented in one podcast that they advertise that they have features that are actually part of the Wii Remote, just as the store acted like the Wii Wheel had the features of the Wii Remote.

  9. sheppy says:

    I was amused when I went to my Toys R Us sunday to snag my MarioKart copy and essentially heard the clerk spouting off a laundry list of bullshit to convince this poor family to buy a Wii, plus three controllers, three nunchucks, three wheels, Mario Kart, four classic controllers, and a warranty because Wii’s have a known issue nicknamed “Red Rings of Death.”

    My sales clerk tried to sell me more wheels and was taken aback when I informed her I was already upset enough about having to pay extra for Mario Kart just for one of the damn unusable messes, I wasn’t exactly looking to double my misery.

  10. tustin says:

    Rule #[Insert random number here]:

    People are stupid – at least 75+% of them are. I was in Circuit City once to see if I could grab a Wiimote off of them (back when Wiimotes were hard to find). There was this guy with his 6-8 year old son who were looking to buy a Wiimote. What they picked up though were those funky WiiSports attachments (one if a golf club, one is a tennis racket, one is a bat) sold by some third party. I had a ten minute conversation with the man, attempting to tell him “Those are NOT Wii Remotes. Those are plastic attachments that do nothing!”.

    Eventually he put it down and walked away, seeing as there were no Wiimotes available to buy. I’m sure if I wasn’t there, then the guy would have bought the thing, brought it home (because no one employed in the store is the wiser), found it didn’t work, and sued the company. He looked like the kind of guy that would sue a company for his own stupidity.

  11. Dragonblader1 says:

    warning: the following post is off topic

    Rule #[Insert random number here]:

    People are stupid – at least 75+% of them are.

    Yeah, and 74 of that percentage is the government. I mean seriously, not only have they spent millions of dollars on a pen that can write in space (why can’t they just use a pencil?) but they’ve done a lot of other stupid crap. I mean seriously.

  12. dr. game says:

    I think the peple at best buy are heartless cold creeps for trying make a quck buck on something that wont even hapen the olny reson I wold ever consiter it is if I was buying the game for someone who wold srach the disk

  13. charmy says:

    Wow. This is the thing about all those casual gamers. You can easily make a quick 5 bucks off of them. There should be someone telling them “This is a wii wheel. It is not magical. It is just a piece of plastic.” LOL

  14. OmegaLord says:

    I still like Whiil.

  15. loserbum3 says:

    warning: the following post is off topic

    Yeah, and 74 of that percentage is the government. I mean seriously, not only have they spent millions of dollars on a pen that can write in space (why can’t they just use a pencil?)

    observe here:

    Excerpt from the article:

    “When the astronauts began to fly, like the Russians, they used pencils, but the leads sometimes broke and became a hazard by floating in the [capsule’s] atmosphere where there was no gravity. They could float into an eye or nose or cause a short in an electrical device. In addition, both the lead and the wood of the pencil could burn rapidly in the pure oxygen atmosphere.”
    “Space Pens are more dependable than lead pencils and cannot create the hazard of a broken piece of lead floating through the gravity-less atmosphere.”

  16. Ali says:

    I don’t know about you guys but i got it, And i’m glad. as soon as i got home and started up the game i could tell something was wrong. i tried to recconect the wheel as the man in the store told me, but alas with complete failure. My wheel wouldn’t even accept the wii remote anymore! I quickly drove back to the store and after they examined it we quickly found out the probelem. it seems the wireless connectivity of the plastic sensors in the wheel were broken and they could repair them for me for an extra 3 dollars. i gladly accepted and came home to find everything working perfectely. sure i used an extra 8 bucks but it was well worth it

    Anyways i wonder what’ll happen if you come back to the store and say the wirelles isn’t working (assuming you got the warranty). They’ll probably just bring it to “the back” wait for 5 mins and just give it back. oh and i forgot to tell you guys. last time i stopped by at gamestop they were selling a classic controller saying it could play gamecube to a poor lady. i just didn’t have the heart to tell her.

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