iPhone 2.2 Firmware, Now With Podcasts!


TimApple has finally included podcast downloading in the iPhone firmware with version 2.2. This is a good move as I know millions of you loyal 2P START! Live! fans out there were waiting for this very update before buying the iPhone/iPod Touch JUST so you could get your 2P START! Live! fix when you were away from your computers. The screenshot shows just how perfect (5 stars) our podcast is…to the three people that reviewed it (probably Ray, myself, and my dad). But seriously, now would be a great time to review the podcast on iTunes, and make sure you’re subscribed!

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  1. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Nice! This should be really helpful once I get my iPod Touch.

  2. LoliconKato says:

    What a crazy random happenstance! I just yesterday bought the Touch, and was disappointed when I found that you couldn’t get podcasts from the store. Now you can!

  3. D3vin says:

    Pfft, I personaly think those podcasts are too expensive… I’m not made of money y’know!

    (Yes, I just said that “Free” was too expensive, that was a joke.)

  4. vincecult says:

    i dont know how to rate it on my phone. do i hafto do it on my computer?

  5. roadjcat says:

    Usually when I have time and the podcast is up, I’m at home. So yeah…but once I did put it on my iPod and take it with me when I had to go somewhere, but I this update doesn’t change that any. XD

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