Logo Drama: Ray Cries Foul Over Political Scam


SALEM, ORE. — Informer staff have been investigating leads on what could be the first case of graphical-plagarism by a political party. “I believe the technical term is called ‘tracing’,” says Ray. “The Obama campaign clearly hoped to change the symbol I designed over 11 years ago without credit or compensation – and what do I get for it? The first black president? Big deal.”
Insiders believe it was part of Ray’s plan all along. “He’s been trying to sneak his symbol into everything for years,” says an anonymous relative who requested that his real name of Eddie Hargreaves not be used. “After landing that graphic design job in Salem, he most likely used his connections to secretly design the logo in the hopes of finally getting some national attention. He loves attention…”
But Ray denies the allegation. “I get all the attention I need through my gaming webcomics and podcasts at 2PSTART.com,” Ray explained.
“If he’s desperate enough to do weekly comicstrips with a total stranger he met over the internet, then it’s clear Ray can’t be trusted with anything,” said an anonymous ex-girlfriend.
Ray’s father was less than excited. “I don’t approve of Ray putting so much effort into a side project that… wait… you actually make some money off these comics?”
When pressed for answers, 2P START! co-creator Tim Harding declined to comment, but continued to do cannonballs in a swimming-pool filled with money.
But Ray isn’t giving up. “If my logo is what helped earn Obama the $745 million dollars for his campaign, then the least he could do is give me his old Senate seat. Is there someone I’m supposed to talk to about that?”

TimYeah, so this was an article that Ray wrote in his annual family newsletter (think Christmas card). He was having a hard time coming up with a story that described his life this year, and I’m happy to say that I helped get him on the right path (kind of like the comic!). He did write the whole thing himself though and I think it turned out very nice. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Tacos says:

    Oh, so you show up now Tim?

    But anyway, funniest thing I’ve read in a while (excluding the comics of course)

  2. Matteron says:

    When u think about it it does seem like ur logo ray and we should protest against it. But on another note Tim u should be sorry did u c all the chaos u brought on that last podcast. Tisk Tisk Tisk…

  3. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Hahaha! That was awesome! But, it is rather strange how similar the two logos are.

  4. tustin says:

    That’s funny! 😀 Obama’s got a lot to explain now! Where did that logo come from?! 😀

    But on another note Tim u should be sorry did u c all the chaos u brought on that last podcast. Tisk Tisk Tisk…

    Aw man, now I have to listen to the podcast to hear what happened. I haven’t listened to the last…. what’s the count now? Six? The last six podcasts. Damn, I have some catchup to do… 🙂

  5. D3vin says:


    obviously the prosecution is faulty…
    The resemblance is clearly striking similar to each other while they are in a monochrome state, but Looking at the Obama logo in COLOR, yields a different outcome, The Raybob logo is nothing but a line over a curve in a circle, while the Obama logo is a sunrise over the American plains, of red and white as is the flag, symbolizing the new beginning for all…

    Your Honor, I think with my evidence I may bring this case to rest.

    (I need to stop Playing Phoenix Wright, it is too addicting 😉 )

  6. nintendogamer101 says:

    Sue! Sue!

    In case you’re looking for a lawyer, may I suggest a buddy of mine? His name’s Phoenix Wright. You can usually find him trapped inside a glass case at your local Wal-Mart. Just be sure not to kill any of the employees upon entering the establishment.

  7. LoliconKato says:

    Funny, but…

    $745 Million Dollars?

    You know that dollar sign means Dollars, right?

    Have fun with your 745 million dollars dollars.

  8. ubuntun3rd says:

    Yeah, seriously, Tim! Thanks for showing up now! Where the heck were you for the podcast? Or was Ray just really mad at you and edited you out completely?

  9. moonjuice7 says:

    This was quite entertaining. Maybe all the forum users could write letters or sign petitions to help you out in your lawsuit… 😀

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