The Lame Show: Ray’s Latest Guest Appearance


TimOnce again, a week without a podcast is somewhat redeemed by a guest appearance on The Lame Show! This time Ray appears alongside Noah and his brother Eddie to discuss Twitter, Safari 4 Beta, product design, and more! There’s even a brief mention of video games, so check it out!

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  1. Oliver Strano says:

    Nice. So this is the “stuff” you had to do. Definatly worth a listen.

  2. Kvb says:

    I’ve got to agree with you on the tabs, Ray. Safari 4 didn’t quite sell me on tabs just yet, but it’s closer to how I want tabs to be than anything I’ve seen before.

    I’ve never cared about facebook (I don’t quite get the purpose), but I recently joined Twitter. It’s great for someone who’s got friends he only sees online, like me. That way you can keep eachother updated on life in more frequent, smaller doses than through e-mails or MSN conversations.
    The “purpose” of Twitter is basically micro-blogging.

    It’s true though that some people act like they are more interesting than they really are, though. They don’t understand that not everyone on Twitter is equally interesting.
    Some people should just stick to using Twitter as a means of following people who actually matter, much like how not everyone with a YouTube account should upload videos.

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