Happy Halloween!


TimJust wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! I also just finished the above pumpkin carving, which took 5 hours to do! Of course I should have been writing a paper that’s due in 23 hours, but this was well worth it.

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  1. Tacos says:

    I understand how you feel. I can’t do anything on Halloween night due to the lame SAT’s that take place tomorrow morning. Tis a sad day.

  2. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Happy Halloween guys! Nice pumpkin carving, too.

  3. Tacos says:

    I realized I never complimented the pumpkin design, so without further ado, that is a pretty awesome pumpkin. Actually, I guess next year, you should have a pumpkin contest, where you pick the best design and they get a free shirt or something. Just a thought

  4. D3vin says:

    What!? No “2P Start!” logo guys? Happy Halloween to you too, This (technically) is going to be the first year that I do nothing except yell at the kids, telling them we are out of candy! Aaaahhh, I love being an adult.

  5. mkava says:

    Nice work, Tim. 😀 I’m guessing you used a printed off stencil?

    I’m missing Halloween in lieu of traveling. *shrugs* Oh well, would have just spent the night playing Magic or Settlers of Catan.. just like last night. xD

  6. roadjcat says:

    I’m always the unfun one that’s never been a big fan of Halloween and while carvings were fun, I sucked at them. I liked the finished product more than the work put into it. But yours is awesome.

  7. Noodle93 says:

    @ Your pumpkin:

    Pics or it didn’t happen. Sad, halloween isn’t celebrated over in Aus, never seen a real life carved pumpkin :S

  8. Tim says:

    What Noodle, you don’t believe me? Here’s another picture.

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