Extra! Extra! Read All About It! [Update]

TimWell, it’s finally done. I’ve updated the Extras page with lots of new content. It’s not perfect, and could use some more work, but it will do for now. I’d rather get it out there for you guys to see and tweak things later. The highlight of the extras page will be Ray’s Brawl Photo Album linked from the Smash Bros. page. He’s got lots of great shots there to check out. The Logo Archive is now live too as well as all of Ray’s game reviews. Hope you all enjoy!

[Update]: I’m on a roll! I finally wrote some code to change the logo to match the comic you’re viewing. Go back through the archives and check it out! (Note: some comics don’t have a matching logo because we only started doing that 6 months ago, but the more recent comics should all have matching logos!) Looks like it wasn’t ready for prime-time, one more bug to fix…

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  1. Andrew says:

    That’s great. Although… I had kinda hoped the each logo would also link to the relevant comic.

    You know, never mind. You have a lot on your plate now Tim. Don’t you worry about it. You’re doing great.

  2. dj75728 says:

    About time! Man it’s great! Like how you added all the brawl related comics to the brawl section. 10/10 :mrgreen: Although why pink?

  3. Daniel says:


    I agree with Andrew that it would be nice to have the logos somehow tied to their comics, but it’s a minor squabble 😉

  4. Dragonblader1 says:

    But no Sonic Wheel wallpaper… (j/k) Nice to see that the reviews have been put back up on t3h 1n73rw3bz.

  5. mkava says:

    Hehe, looks great. Nice work. 😀
    Now excuse while I go grab images from Ray’s Brawl photo album…

  6. mkava says:

    Oh the joys of having code that is not ready for live use… By joys I mean horrors… and nightmares. Oh god, the nightmares!

    I just made myself sad.

  7. Taco! says:

    Nice extra page. Also, is the title of the post refering to The Who song by any chance?

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