More Site Updates!

TimRay will be back just in time to make this week’s comic, so one final push to update the site before he returns. The code I wrote for custom logos to display with all of our archived comics is now FULLY functional, so feel free to browse the archives and see the matching logos with the comics. On that note, wouldn’t it be really cool if Ray made custom logos for ALL our old comics? We only started doing that about 6 months ago, but it would be great to have the older comics with matching logos too. Anyway, I’ve also updated Ray’s Brawl Album on the Brawl page to link to a cool flash-based polaroid album. It’s just another fun way to check out Ray’s Brawl snapshots, so enjoy!

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  1. dj75728 says:

    Coolie cool, and about time :mrgreen: !

  2. Brawler08 says:

    Found a mistake, on the Polaroid album the picture captions for “Lyn sneaks up from behind” and “Bonk” are on the wrong picture.

  3. Brawler08 says:

    “Sonic vs. Fox” and “Sonic Rush tribute” are also on the wrong pictures…

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks Brawler08, fixed those and a couple other mixups!

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