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2P START!’s Black Friday Sale!


TimJust in case you haven’t bought enough today, you can pick up a 2P START! shirt for 20% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY today only. Just promise to stay calm and don’t use your shopping cart as a weapon!

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  1. D3vin says:

    Again with the t-shirt sales?!
    If you want to get rid of them so much, give one to me as a gift!
    Then maybe I might reconsider. 🙂

  2. NSBAceAttorney says:

    Oh… If only I had a credit card… or money… or a home to have it sent to… if only…

  3. roadjcat says:

    I already have one. And until we get one with Nook’s Bajillion bell face, I’m not sure I’ll be getting another one. XD

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