Reminder: No Podcast This Week

TimJust in case you were anxiously awaiting the arrival of this week’s podcast, I thought I’d point out that there is none. Ray is on vacation this week and couldn’t record, so check back next week! Ray is also unavailable for a comic this week which should make things… umm… interesting…

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  1. D3vin says:

    Groovy, Does that mean we get a guest comic this week, or another Tim’s take? I could whip something up if that is the case…

  2. Gadoink says:

    Must have Tim’s Take!
    That way we can all leave comments saying “This comic USED to be good, back at the LAST Tim’s Take…”

  3. Supersonic24 says:

    [9/9/2009 3:32:04 PM] Ray Hargreaves: Trying to talk Tim into doing a humorous solo one though

    What, it didn’t happen? Aw, I was looking forward to a “Don’t Listen: Tim Edition”. btw, how can I become a pro member?

    • DrOswald says:

      I think the key to being a pro member is to post a lot. That is all. Also, you have to be logged in when you post.

      • Gadoink says:

        Actually, it’s not posting a lot, it’s being a member for a long time.

      • moonjuice7 says:

        Its both. I’ve been a member longer than a lot of pros on this site, but i don’t post a ton out of the forums. As of now, i am not a pro member (though i keep hoping that the next post will be the one that makes me go pro.)

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        moonjuice, I don’t think it’s an automatic thing. I seem to remember Tim saying something about going through and seeing who should be Pro, meaning you’d have to wait until he checks again.

      • FluffyPanda says:

        Moonjuice, I don’t think I’ve ever posted to the forums so I doubt that’s one of the criteria. I’m pretty sure Tim said something about the wordpress software coming with ways to rate people on how long they’d been here and how many posts they’d made, but that would be a blog specific thing.

        I’ve also had a few comment of the week mentions, but I don’t think that changes anything.

  4. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    This is a catastrophe! How will I be able to walk home from school this week with no 2P Start! Live podcast?!? Quick, somebody, tell me the name of a podcast that could possibly replace it! I already listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, so that’s a no go…

    If there’s nothing for me to listen to, I’ll have to, *gasp*, go podcastless!

  5. Betta splenden says:

    Tim’s take, Tim’s take, Tim’s take!

  6. Onyx says:

    I swear if next weeks comic is just going to be Ray shedding a single tear I SHALL RAGEQUIT! RAGEQUIT I SAY!

  7. roadjcat says:

    Can we have that picture of Jigglypuff crying that Ray was supposed to post if the Dancing with the Stars comic didn’t go over well? XD

  8. BadnikHunter says:

    Oh boy, can’t wait for another Tim’s Take! I wonder what the joke is gonna be this time?

  9. D3vin says:

    Let’s just pretend there is a podcast:

    Wow, I liked Ray’s black doom this week, Who knew *big videogame company* would be so stupid to relive the failure of *failed game*?

    And Tim, Was that thing you mentioned after the Musical Misfit all true? Even the part about the Lima beans and the car chase?

    It still doesn’t fill the emptyness, but living in denial is better than not living at all 😉

    • roadjcat says:

      I liked how they had that whole segment about Rouge.

      • steve-ohs says:

        Yeah, that 10 minutes of insulting Rouge was quite hillarious. But what with that skype caller? It sounded like he was yelling at a microphone from 5 feet away. We need to find better microphones for these callers. All in all, great podcast guys.

      • blaster says:

        Finally! We got a topic of a week!
        That sure is a fun game to be expected… I hope.

    • BadnikHunter says:

      I also liked the remix, I never thought that *insert videogame song here* could sound THAT epic.

      • BadnikHunter says:

        Too bad I wasn’t able too call in AGAIN! Gosh, I’ve never been able to call in since they started calls. I really need to figure out how I could call in…

    • Rokai says:

      Haha, thanks for choosing my comment for the Suggestion Box!

    • FluffyPanda says:

      The first ever 2-hour long 2pstart podcast… they really should have cut out the bit where they ripped on D3vin so it was a more manageable 30 minutes if you ask me.

      • D3vin says:

        I know, just to think That I was going to call but I was having trouble with my microphone. Thank god I didn’t, or else it would have turned into Jerry Springer out there

    • Finally, recognition for rising from my grave!

  10. marcod says:

    TIM’S TAKE 2!? :O

  11. Narnian says:

    Aw, I wanted Tim’s Don’t Listen! Oh well. I’m sure Ray was disappointed too 😀

    Can’t wait to see what you scrap together (we are such jerks enjoying watching you squirm)!

  12. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    Will…will I never be helped…?

  13. Pcargill says:

    doh, i commented last week for hopes that i could get into suggestion box

  14. steve-ohs says:

    Music Misfit Suggestions!!
    NES- Duck Tales- The Moon
    and now for something completely different
    GC/XBox/PS2- Beyond good and evil- Fun and Mini Games

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