2P START! Live!: E3 2010


RayRay and Tim turn their microphones back on to tackle E3 2010. Plus: Ray’s adventures in preordering the iPhone 4.


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  1. Maks says:

    Hooray! I was waiting for you guys to come back and talk E3, and it really happened. Anything on podcast about Lost, Ray?

  2. Stardan says:

    I guess Tim and Ray are Rising from their graves, Huh? Either Way Epic return, Guys!

  3. JohnW says:

    Imagine my surprise when looking for Hyperfire, then seeing that Tweet! Will it be on iTunes soon?

  4. blaster says:

    You forget about GSDS…
    A whole bunch of E3 jokes XD

    How about you call these shows 2P START! LIFE! ?

  5. JohnW says:

    Loved the ending!

    ‘What did you think of this Podcast?’

    Looking forward to the LOST one.

  6. Swimming_Bird says:

    Awesome, great to have you guys back so soon. I think the verdict on the un-edited podcast for me is that it’s just as enjoyable, even without the variety that the old show offered. What we lose with the absence of most of the flash of former episodes is more than made up for by the open candor heard in this new one…now I just need to catch up on Lost before the next episode.

  7. rainbowmath says:

    Awesome Podcasts, guys! I like this version (unedited) soooooo much better, and I can’t wait until the LOST Podcast!

  8. Zsy/Kyle D. says:

    Great podcast guys!
    Even though it’s unedited it’s just as enjoyable as all of the others IMO.

    Also, Ray, Nintendo had more than a “solid” E3; Nintendo literally announced awesome new games for EVERY FRANCHISE straight into next year. So many great titles, I’m still in shock, seriously.

    Keep up the good work!

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      Every franchise except Pikmin, that is…GAH! It’s hard for me to be disappointed when that was pretty much the only thing they DIDN’T announce, but still, I want more than “Yup, we’re making it” for like three years in a row now.

      And glad to see you guys back for this, although I’ll have to listen to it after work. I was expecting it a little later, though, since we’ll probably be getting more news on Rock Band 3 at some point, and I was curious what Ray had to say about some of the features like the keyboard Pro mode (him being a musician that plays keyboard). I don’t know if you guys talked about it anyway with the right-before-E3 news they released on that, though.

  9. Desymise says:

    Thanks for the Podcast. It was so amazing! Though, most likely not going to be permanent. But it was so nice to listen to a new one. Well, good bye until you all record the lost Finale.

  10. blaster says:

    I think I’ll be listening to the LOST episode WITHOUT watching an episode of LOST… wait, maybe one, the very first one.
    It would be fun XD

  11. Bobipine says:

    Well that was unexpected, anyway, I don’t buy the totally unedited version, just because of the music at the end, though it might just be a little polishing touch.

    E3 thoughts.
    I only saw a part of Microsoft’s conference and that’s it so…
    Kenect, or natal, their motion sensor thing, could have some potential, but so far the direction they are taking with it, not so sure about it, though I want to see a disco edition of their dance off thingy game from harmonix, just to actually see it. And yes, the ‘twins’ chat was pretty sketchy, and I didn’t noticed before you mentioned it that so many things were missing (video select screen, chat request etc..) and the new 360 does look neat and I really really hope that none get the Red Ring Of Death. While on the other hand… I’m not entirely sure how well will the ESPN partnership between them on X-Box live will work, sure you can watch what you want with a better screen then a computer screen, unless you have the little cable that does the job, but I’m pretty sure there is already other means to this.

    Sony well, the Coca cola promotion seemed a bit unnecessary, but their commercial guy made it somewhat worth it. Hum… that’s pretty much all I got to see from them.

    Nintendo, I didn’t saw any of it, but heard about the game list, Golden Eye could be neat with nostalgia effect, depends if it’s a blatant port or more then that, Donkey Kong Country got my attention, I really enjoyed the series in the past. 3DS sounds quite tempting, and I was thinking about 200$ at first, but with the DSi being 189 or something, 250 seems more likely… under 300 pretty guaranteed right? not that it will change much for me right now it’s already most likely too high for my means.

    That’s pretty much it I think, supposedly Square Enix had some important announcement to make, and Valve does intrigue me a bit. Anyway, that format seemed right for an occasional podcast, I won’t tweet it though, I don’t have a twitter account.

    May we hear you guys sometime again in the future

  12. Teengamer says:

    It’s totally awesome to hear you guys again! I was curious whether or not we’d hear your thoughts on E3.

    I totally agree with the whole bundle thing. We need more rubber ducky bundles.

    It’s nice to know that in the long run, I pretty much concur with everything you guys brought up. Well, except that I really think Zelda’s art style is VERY decent.

    Here’s to hoping the 3DS works out!

    Haha, I KNEW checking the site every day would pay off! ^^


  13. jOnah says:

    nice job!

  14. BooCwis says:

    What do IIIIIIIIIII think? I actually like these nice chats whenever something big comes up. And even if it isn’t as big as E3 or LOST, I still like to hear you guys joke about something, seeing as you also don’t have to worry about forcing the jokes because this isn’t really a podcast anymore. How about for when some of these newly announced games come out? Or when Tim can actually give his opinion on Galaxy 2-wait, is that a LOST hope?

  15. Person Number 3 says:

    Well…I think you really left E3 as an understatement. I agree wholeheartedly with the I-Feel-Sorry-For-Microsoft stuff, but Nintendo was quite understated Still a nice Postmortem, though.

  16. crazyspecialk says:

    Hey guys! It’s good to hear your voices again!

    I thought that this was a very good podcast and was perfectly fine with the way it turned out. While I think that your old podcasts are good with the music and stuff, you guys just talking for an hour without the glame or whatever is still pretty interesting and funny. I would be perfectly happy if any podcasts you do in the future were of this style.

    I had a question I wanted to ask you guys: One of the games that you guys didn’t mention from Nintendo’s conference was the new Golden Sun game; Dark Dawn. I personally can’t wait for it because I loved the series back on the GBA and can’t wait for more. However, I’m fairly certain that you guys have never really mentioned or talked about the series in the entirety of 2P Start, so I was just kinda curious about your opinions on the the new game and the series as a whole.

    • Tim says:

      Loved the original, played through it thoroughly, got sort of lost in the second one and never finished. It’s now been quite some time since those games were out, but it’s nice to see they’re reviving it!

      • roadjcat says:


        Actually you know what? Can someone honestly tell me, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but really, why do you like Golden Sun?

      • crazyspecialk says:

        Well, to be honest there really isn’t that much that I don’t like about the game.

        For one, I love the music. I mean, the quality alone I think is some of the best the GBA had to offer. I actually played some of my favorite songs to a friend once and he was actually kind of surprised that it came from a GBA game. The graphics were also pretty awesome.

        I also liked how they incorporated psynergy ( or psychic powers for those who don’t know) into the dungeons and puzzles.

        I also liked the story as a whole. I mean, I know they only touched on the main story at certain parts of the game, but I found the main story to be pretty epic. Also, while I couldn’t give you a specific reason, I really loved the main antagonists of the first game. I guess just the way they looked and their feel makes them some of my favorite villains.

        It was also pretty cool how the more djinn you found, the more you could customize your characters into different classes. I’m pretty sure their were over a dozen different classes with a boatload of different psynergies that you could learn to fit anyone’s play style.

        I know that no game or series is perfect, and there were some things I found a little tedious, such as the fact that the dialogue was corny at times and the sound each character made when they talked could get on my nerves. Also, while I liked the second game, I just found it not as good as the first game. Finally, I did wish that they incorporated more of the overall story into the quests and missions you had to accomplish, instead of most missions being to just help the random town that you just walked into with their random problems.

        Obviously I know that not every single person will ever agree that one game is awesome, and I wouldn’t expect them to. Everybody has different tastes in the games they like and even on games within a certain genre. I mean, I’m sure there’s at least one game that you enjoy that I would or already do not like. But from just briefly looking around the internet, IGN gave the first Golden Sun a 9.7, Gamespot gave it a 8.6, and metacritic gave it a 91 while the second game recieved a 8.6, 9.0, and 8.6 respectfully, so I at least know I’m not alone in thinking the games are great.

        All in all, I find the games highly enjoyable and would definitely recommend at least giving them a shot.

      • roadjcat says:

        Okay, music. Admittedly, I didn’t pay attention to it when I played the game (I’ve only played the first), but I do like that song in Brawl, so I’ll agree to that point.

        Psynergy was fine. It didn’t really anything for me. No different from the partners in Paper Mario, in my opinion…except the partners in Paper Mario had personality…hard for spells to. XD

        I’m really going to have to disagree about the story though. To me it was just kind of “Let’s go stop the bad guys!” 20 minutes later. “Hey look these people in this random town are in need of help!” *people in town helped* “Why are the villains so far ahead of us!?” I honestly do not remember anything about the story except that. And though I never beat the final boss, it is my understanding that the ending is totally underwhelming.

        As for Djinn, another poor point in my opinion. I’m going to draw a comparisons to Paper Mario a lot because it’s my favorite RPG. But in Paper Mario they had badges. Sure you didn’t have to battle the badges like you did Djinn and you couldn’t summon anything with the badges, but at least you knew what badges were giving you which ability. Djinn were just confusing. You had to remix and reassign them desperately trying to get that cure ability back for Mia.

        To be honest, I’ve based a lot of my dislike for this game on the fact that it does nothing that Paper Mario doesn’t and the fact that it’s regarded by some to be much better than Paper Mario. I was pretty much blinded by that for a long time, without much reason. I still stick to the view that Paper Mario is better. But Golden Sun isn’t a bad game. Just overrated in my opinion. I heard too much “this is the best game ever” before I played it. Admittedly, that is my fault.

      • talduras says:

        Regarding story, the Golden Sun series admittedly has the slowest start EVER. Simply put, the first game didn’t have much of one, and what it did have served more as a preview for the second game, as well as some (slight) fleshing out of the characters. The second game, however, really does provide a surprisingly deep story, weaving complex character interactions and dynamics, as well as some insane plot twists. My only real gripe is that the dialogue feels unnecessarily long at times, but whatever.

        As for gameplay, it’s pretty much “love it or hate it,” and I dare say only the fans of “ye olden day RPGs” need apply here… which is why I question why people are even bringing in Paper Mario into the picture for comparison. I don’t recall those games having many similarities other than being in the same genre. :-/

      • roadjcat says:

        I’m the only one who compares it to Paper Mario. XD Maybe it’s not the greatest comparison, but it’s just what I use. Would you rather I compare it to Final Fantasy? haha. I’ve only played X, X-2, and XIII, but I liked those better than Golden Sun as well (though I’m not QUITE finished with XIII yet). But yes, like you said, it’s obviously “love it or hate it”. MAYBE if the DS one gets good reviews I’ll try again, but with all the great games coming out, I’m not sure I necessarily want to spend the money on it. :/

  17. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Wow Ray, not a single mention of Child of Eden from Ubisoft’s conference? Being created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the man behind Rez, Space Channel 5, and Lumines, and essentially looks like Rez 2? I’m somewhat dissapointed. 😉

    Regardless, it’s great to hear another podcast from you guys, as well as your thoughts on this year’s E3. I saw all of Nintendo’s conference, half of Sony’s, and read the highlights of Microsoft’s. The new 360 slim is a very smart idea on Microsoft’s part, especially including the built in wifi. I’m still not too interested in the Move or Kinect, but playing it first hand might change my opinion. And of course, Nintendo pulled out tons of great looking games for the Wii, a very powerful new handheld in the 3DS, and an impressive list of games already in development for it.

    Other than that, Great Podcast Guys! As much as I’d love to listen to your thoughts on the LOST finale, I haven’t personally watched a single episode, so I’d be completely in the dark on the discussion. 🙁

  18. Rey Alejandro says:

    The other re-make was Star Fox 64, btw. And also, Sonic 3DS. Just saying.

  19. Laelaps says:

    Oh my gosh…I was just coming here on my daily stop to check the Twitter feeds, cyc;e back through podcast archives, and help maintain page views when I see a BRAND SPANKING NEW EPISODE OF 2P START! LIVE! THANK YOU GUYS YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!! *Listening Now*

  20. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Yes! As I was reading up on E3 this week, I was hoping we’d get to hear Tim and Ray’s rants on everything that went down. Very happy to be able to hear this discussion, guys. Thanks for sharing!

    I have to agree that the Kinect looks like fun as a novelty, but I can’t imagine playing extended games that way. Haven’t we already learned from the Wii that people don’t tend to actually swing the wiimote around to simulate motion but would rather use minimal and controlled movement?

    I’m curious what Square has in mind for the Kingdom Hearts 3DS game. It seems they’ve squeezed games into just about every gap in the storyline; now I just want to see an actual sequel. Unfortunately, I’ve a feeling that’s not what this is.

    Looking forward to your LOST discussion! I’m pretty happy with the way it ended, but I’m always interested to hear other peoples’ opinions and theories. ^^

    • You mean you aren’t just dying to know what um… uh… (how about) Monstro decided to do after KH1? Clearly you could make a full game out of that!

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        I’m kind of hoping for a port of 1 or 2 myself, either for (3)DS or Wii. I ended up borrowing KH1 and a PS2 from two different friends to be able to play that one, but I haven’t been able to play KH2 yet. A new game would be fine too, though.

  21. Rey Alejandro says:

    Anyway, that’s what I get for commenting before finishing the podcast. But yeah, I was entertained. I can’t wait for these games to some out. Also, I have heard about a Sonic game for Kinect…. Any opinion on that? I personally can’t wait for the “untitled Michael Jackson game”

  22. Zarcon6 says:

    good podcast, I prefer this unedited format better than the older ones. hope you guys record more off the cuff conversations even if they don’t have any theme what-so-ever. cant wait for the lost podcast

  23. Very nice. I’d say I miss the edited version because I’m accustomed to hearing music infused throughout, as opposed to music only being endcaps to the show. But still enjoyable. I’d buy the podcast for… *shrug* $2? (that’s 1.35 pounds for your Amazon UK account there, Ray =)

    Ah, E3. Overall I think it’s obvious Nintendo’s got the best showing right now. And yet… and yet for me personally, the 3DS still feels a little ‘meh’ to me right now. I’m sure a lot of that has been the buyer’s remorse I’ve had from when I got a DSi late last year and the fact that I’ll be shut out of new 3DS games unless I ditch it.

    Then again, I spend most of my days lately playing Fallout and Rock Band and come this October and the-ever-so-vague-release-date-of-‘Holiday’ (respectively) I will have sequels for each that will by vying for my attention; likely for hundreds and hundreds of hours well into next year.

  24. zeldadude says:

    Hey guys I bet you’ll be happy to know I won’t read books to you in ridiculous accents. Plus guess what! I designed my skate 3 team after you! Real tim comic tim timii ray and d3vin. (more important than Sarah in the 2pstart world) plus I decided to go back to my old forum zelda universe and wright a fan-fiction so I’ll keep you guys updated on that! oh yaeh nppmg!

  25. Laelaps says:


  26. Kvb says:

    I’d hate to pooh-pooh all the hard work you’ve put into past episodes, Ray, but aside from the lack of music I don’t feel the lack of editing hurt this episode in any way.

    Long comment short; I agree with just about anything said in this podcast. I’m also very glad to hear you like Kirby: Epic Yarn. The graphical style is very weird indeed, but it’s adorable and gorgeous in motion. I love that smooth animation…
    I was personally expecting a pre-release Wind Waker-type response from most people, but that mindset is strangely absent among the people I’ve talked to.

    Really, the only thing I disagree with are the things you said you liked at the end of the E3 discussion. That guy holding the stupid gamer speech aggravated the crap out of me and the new PSP commercial even managed to make me miss the PSP squirrels.

    Anyway, it’s good to have a little bit of 2P Start back in my life. I can’t wait for the Lost episode, and I don’t even watch Lost.

  27. Pete says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast guys, I’d love to see more 2PStart Live, or some equivalent. Even without the editing it’s still fun to listen too.

  28. NintendoNaut says:

    Nice one guys, loved it. Laughed it up, and like most are saying, even without the fancy editing it was still awesome. Keep in’ ’em out!

  29. racefreak265 says:

    Nice podcast guys! I like that you still have interest in your fans, and that it was still enjoyable to listen to. However, I’m going to have to disagree with you on the prediction of a Holiday 2010 release date and its $250 price point for the 3DS. Even though it looks ready, its more likely to be a spring/summer 2011 release due to the fact that all they showed were tech demos, and all most all were unplayable. If it were to be released in 5-6 months, the Big N would have dropped the info on the 3DS, and for sure would have created more hype for the device. Also, the $250 price is too steep as it would be odd for them to price a handheld more than the console, it should be around the DSi XL price or the same as the Wii’s $199. This is only my opinion, take it with a grain of salt if you wish.

    Oh, and Tim, apparently Steel Diver was also a tech demo, but for the original DS system; thats what I heard. I guess they want to bring it back or something.

    Thanks again for a great podcast, hoping for another good one real soon!

  30. GMaster7 says:

    Really, really enjoyed the podcast, guys! Nice to hear from both of you, and I love the unedited format. Whenever you have a free night or hour or half hour, we’d really appreciate hearing from you guys! It’s actually kind of refreshing to listen to a show without segments or features… without Rise From Your Grave, even without Comic Talk, because it’s just you two talking about the stuff that interests all of us. Looking forward to hearing another show again when you muster up the interest!

  31. SuperVegeta says:

    THANK YOU!!! My commutes are so depressing lately not having anything new to listen to. I can’t wait to take a listen tomorrow.

  32. Apkinesis says:

    Good hearing you guys on the Podcast again! I wouldn’t call it the best ever, but especially granted that it’s unedited, it was still an awesome Podcast. I’d definitely take a listen to any future Postmortem shows of this caliber. Though, I might skip over the one for Lost, as I haven’t seen a single episode yet, and am still debating whether I should “catch up” on the whole series (as I’ve heard it’s quite good) or just not mind it at all. I’ve just never really gotten into following TV shows for some reason (there being only three or four I’ve ever completely kept up with in my life). Anyhow, hopping off of that tangent…

    I’d watched all the press conferences beforehand, and I agree with practically everything you guys mentioned about E3 — I’m very excited for nearly everything Nintendo showcased (their show was surprisingly epic), and felt really bad for Microsoft (who normally seems to have the best show). Seems this next year or so will be entertaining, through both playing more awesome games and watching the “motion controller war” unfold.

  33. Foolsjoker says:

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!! (Name the reference)

  34. Victorioso says:

    Yay, a new podcast. 😀

    Anyway, I love this year’s e3. Especially the 3DS. I was watching it live on Nintendo’s website and I laughed, clapped and cheered when they showed it. You’d think I was crazy.

    Also, I was waiting to hear Ray’s thoughts on Sonic Colors. 😛 Oh, and about Sony’s Pew Pew Pew guy speech (I forgot his name, urgh), I thought it was a bit cheesy, but funny.

    BTW Ray, you pre-ordered the iPhone 4? Haven’t you heard of the AT&T’s security breaches?

  35. Megafan says:

    I think maybe it was and wasn’t Reggie.
    Here’s my theory.

    All the other times, it WAS robo Reggie, just progammed crappy. BUT, the REAL reggie overcame his fear of people, as well as public speaking, and tried to talk. THEN, when they showed the sort of trailer for the 3DS with Bowser, and all that, Reggie was fighting his robot self, and that explains his ripped and tattered clothes. Maybe Robo Reggie won, and got kicked in a button he had labeled “SUPER AWESOME PUBLIC SPEAKING ABILITY”. Perhaps it WAS Real Reggie that won, or His Robot self.
    Or maybe I’m thinking too much on this. Oh, and nice podcast. 😀

  36. Copper says:

    i liked the podcast, all and all, a nice short return for a while, but how could not talk about Epic Yarn? You only mentioned Reggie’s speech about it, and after Tim did that tweet? I still loled when Ray was looking for the price of the DS XL.

  37. trakmiro says:

    This made my day! I can’t believe you guys actually came back! We all missed you so much! Nothing could possibly make this moment better.

  38. Zegres says:

    YAY! Postmortem podcasts! I’m glad you guys decided to do an E3 podcast. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad you think the 3DS will come out this year, i thought it would be next year.

  39. Curaga says:

    I thought this format was perfect guys, as long as you have something you think is worth talking about I think i’ll probably listen!

  40. IronSoldier820 says:

    I love your guys podcast and hope you keep doing it semi-regularly over the course of the year. I don’t watch Lost, but if you guys do a podcast over it I’m going to end up listening to it anyway because you guys crack me up regardless of what you’re talking about.

    Seriously, you are among a select few of people that (I find) are legitimately entertaining to listen to. Keep recording, I’ll keep tuning in.

  41. SuperVegeta says:

    Ack, it was soo disconcerting to not hear the usual 2 P Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. I miss it. Otherwise the podcast was good. I enjoy the little audio clips you put in there that refer to what you are talking about. Lastly, the way you select things with Xbox Connect reminds me soo much of the PS2 Eye Toy. You’d hold your hand over the button and to speed it along you’d wiggle your fingers as the progress circle drew itself.

  42. Azquelt says:

    Dear 2PCreditRoll,

    I enjoyed your analysis of E3 2010 but I’d like to disagree with you on a couple of points.

    Firstly, Star Wars Kinect. Watching the video, I suspect that the demo they showed was real game footage but the game is terrible. It looked like it was all pre-animated motions, the blocking was automatic and the movement was completely on rails (similar to Sonic and the Secret Rings).

    By far the coolest Kinect game was Dance Central which is an ideal fit for the capabilities of the hardware, looks really well designed and should be fun to play. By not showing a moving avatar in real time (it shows you what you should be doing and highlights the bits you’re getting wrong) and being a rhythm game (thus there are no problems with latency) it plays to all the strengths of Kinect while hiding its deficiencies.

    A few notes on the PS Move: The whole package is expensive. I’m not sure I can see the mass audience who bought the Wii going out and buying a PS3 and Move. However, you can use a DS3 or Sixaxis controller instead of the navigation controller so for the hardcore gamer who wants to play Killzone 3 with Move control the cost is a lot less.

    Finally, I really like the look of Zelda: Skyward Sword and I think that adult Link with a less stylised cel-shaded look works really well. It reminds me a bit of both subtly cel-shaded games like Crackdown and cel-shaded but gritty games like Borderlands. For whatever reason, even after all these years, I still don’t like the Windwaker/Phantom Hourglass look.

  43. TheLupineOne says:

    Oh, I bet you’re kicking yourself for cancelling 2P START! now…

  44. C.Olimar788 says:

    That was a lot of fun to listen to! I’m really glad you’re going to do the occasional “Postmortem” show. 😀 It’s just downright fun to listen to you guys.

  45. roadjcat says:

    1. I actually think the difference between D-Pad/Analog control and IR control for typing, is negligible. In fact, I may prefer analog control.

    2. And personally, I think Kinect is a horrible name. I have no idea why, but I just don’t like it. It’s worse than Revolution to Wii, IMO.

    3. Oh yeah, and also with that Star Wars Kinect game…the enemies had guns…yet they were walking up to the character…0_o

    4. By far I am most excited for Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, and Kirby.

    5. And according to one IGN editor the 3DS did not work because he had a bad astigmatism. But for what it’s worth, I’d buy a 3DS to play Paper Mario and Animal Crossing, whether it’s in 3D or not.

    6. And I would think that now that I have a 360, I’d start getting excited for E3 from Microsoft too. But for one I missed their conference…but I did see EA’s and Ubisoft’s. And so far the only game I plan to get for 360 that was big at E3, is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. But again, for what it’s worth, I REALLy want that game. haha.

    7. As for Ocarina of Time, I may get it. I’ve been meaning to play it, but yeah, it just doesn’t hold up well. A better map would really be all that I need probably.

    8. I think Mario Sports Mix could be fun. It’s going on the bottom of my list of games I want, but I still think it’d be enjoyable.

    9. And IGN said that they heard that the 3DS will be out before March.

    10. Mario Galaxy 2. No Rosalina. What the heck?

    11. Who cares if the main Mario games start declining? We’ve got Paper Mario! 😀

    12. I was surprised by the absence of Cammie this year actually.

    13. Rouge (:D)

  46. Highwater Trousers says:

    Great to hear from you two again. Yes, I listened several days later and yes, I’m commenting even later. Life came and dragged me away…

    I laughed pretty much throughout the entire Kinect section of the podcast. But Ray, wouldn’t you want a Kinect so you can play Sonic Free Riders? And Tim, wouldn’t you want a Kinect so you can… um… talk… to Ray… and watch… random movies? Hey, maybe Microsoft will merge the Kinect with the Avatar Arcade and Movie Theater. Then you can realisitically throw popcorn at your friends and play a bunch of arcade games in a realisitic manner.

    That aside, the 3DS looks pretty darn good and seems pretty impressive. You guys mentioned that there’s a lot of third-party support for the 3DS and guess what… Yup, a Sonic game was mentioned in a list of upcoming 3DS games. Could this be Sonic Colors on the DS or perhaps an entirely new project?

    Anyways, thanks for the podcast guys. I really mean it. We, the fans, get to listen to the mighty Tim and Ray. In return, it seems you guys get to vent your emotions/ideas. Just kidding. Thanks again!

  47. TheKickAwesome says:

    😀 I’ve missed you guys so much.

  48. Gamer Blue says:

    Well…this is an awkward moment from all the goodbyes last month. XD

  49. kelster165 says:

    *Gasp* I was unaware they were redoing Ocarina of Time! That makes me excited. I’m curious about the 3DS. I’d really like to see how that works. The new Zelda looks like it has potential. I felt bad for them during the demo, but some of the game play videos looked a lot better, so my hopes are still up.

    Kinect looked awesome for a few minutes, but then it started to just look annoying. And you really can’t do much without buttons, haha. I was cracking up during that whole video chat thing. It was horrible.

    Thank you for putting up a new episode, guys! It was really fun to listen to, and I can’t wait to hear your opinions on LOST!

  50. Myles says:

    To be honest, Portal 2 stole the entire show for me.

    Look on IGN, it won almost every applicable category for Best of E3. Actually, Portal 2 WAS the best of E3.
    I screamed like a fanboy when GLaDOS interrupted the Sony presentation. To say the least, it was the biggest surprise of the entire week (other than Twisted Metal).
    Gabe Newell, you’re such a troll 😛

    Kinda sad you guys didn’t talk about P2.

    Also, nppg (nice postmortem podcast guys) and it was nice to hear your voices again.

    • trakmiro says:

      Yay! Finally someone who talks about portal here! You need to see the 3 part POrtal 2 demo posted on the Steamania Youtube channel.

  51. MorbidGreymon says:

    Aw… No Rock band 3 Comments? That guitar looks amazing, 120 buttons and a keyboard. All actually midi instruments. Not sure if It was actual at E3 now that I think about it… Regardless It’s gunna be great ^-^

  52. Micate says:

    FINALLY got to listen to this, and I’m glad I could. Good podcast, and I don’t care how ‘this is how my day went’ future podcasts go, as long as they at least touch on tech or gaming half the time. Who woulda guessed that it was shoddy internet connection that kept this from playing (I always assumed it was some missing driver/plugin, since this is basically a brand new computer, or at least was)? Anyways, got my connection fixed, and now got my 2PStart podcast fix, which I hope I suggested is my favorite part of this site. You guys have very sensible things to say about the gaming/tech world and I appreciate any time you take out of your lives to share that with us peons/enthusiasts. I hope these podcasts continue (even if once a month), even though the comic is over(understandably)

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