Pixel Vision Art Pack in Sketch Nation Shooter!

TimiPhone developer Engineous Games approached us a couple months back to have us create an art pack for their new game Sketch Nation Shooter, an ambitious iPhone game allowing users to create their own shooting games. Ray and I both instantly though of Lace as being the perfect fit for such a project, thus Pixel Vision’s first playable form arrives! Now, it’s certainly not the full-fledged title we dream of some day having for our heroine, but it IS a way to allow fans to get creative with Lace, Anti-Alias, her evil forces, and a surprise end boss (Who is behind these evil forces? Be ready for the shock of your life!). The game is just 99 cents, and the Pixel Vision Art Pack is an additional 99 cents as DLC (ironic if you listen to our podcasts). We deeply appreciate anyone who chooses to buy the art pack and look forward to the games you guys create with it!

Because we love you all so much, we’re even going to make it easier for you to support Ray’s hard work! We’ve got a handful of promo codes for Sketch Nation Shooter to give out to our fans and will do so over the next week through our Twitter accounts. If you haven’t done so yet, follow me and Ray for your chance to win the game (we’ll tweet the deets). You’ll still have to buy the art pack to play as Lace, but the game itself is free.

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  1. rainbowmath says:


    Gonna have to get this.

  2. roadjcat says:

    Well that is quite awesome, but I do not have an iPhone.

  3. Keja says:

    I’m not even disappointed. Before I buy this, do I use my iTunes account to buy the pixel vison dlc?

    P.S. My clumsy finger have realised Pixel Bison would be a great spinoff game.

  4. TheNinjaMouse says:

    That is beyond cool. I don’t do a lot of gaming with my iPod Touch, but I will definitely be downloading this one. Way to go, guys!

  5. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Pixel Vision for just 99 cents? So that’s what Tim was hinting at during the podcast! Like you guys said, it’s not quite the full Pixel Vision experience we’re looking forward to, but it’s still a very nice start. I’ll definitely be sure to download this! 🙂

  6. Nice. Don’t have an iPhone, but if I did/ever do, I’d get this.

  7. blaster says:

    I only have a nano…
    And I don’t have an iTunes account.

  8. freeplay says:

    I’ll get it once i get an ipod touch.

  9. Apkinesis says:

    If I ever get an iPhone, this will be the first game and DLC I’ll get. Pixel Vision art, Touhou-like gameplay, and user customization? Can’t go wrong with that package.

  10. JohnW says:

    Is this exclusive to USA? I can’t find it anywhere!

    • JohnW says:

      Found it! I’m glad I have finaly given something to you guys after all the free hours of enterainment you gave us, even if it’s only 59p.

  11. racefreak265 says:

    Hey Tim and Ray, I don’t know if you saw this or not, but it looks like you guy’s got some free advertising courtesy of ign.com! I was just looking around and I went “Hey look! 2P Start is somewhere else on the interwebs!” I would get this art pack but I don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch, so it would be kind of hard. Check it out for yourself here:

  12. Karina says:

    If I ever get an iPhone, this will be the first game and DLC I’ll get. Pixel Vision art, Touhou-like gameplay, and user customization? Can’t go wrong with that package.

  13. SuperVegeta says:

    Congratulations you guys. That’s a really nice honor and achievement. Keep up the awesome work.

  14. shyguy22 says:

    Awesome! I can’t believe you did it !


  15. D3vin says:

    Wow, Now I need to get an Ipod touch-a-ma-bob to play this on…

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