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Brawl Adventure Mode: Sneak Peek

Ray Hidden away from obvious eyes behind the main Smash Bros. TV was another one showing at least 10 minutes of various Adventure mode clips, including both its gameplay and cutscenes. Those cutscenes are rad, and I managed to take some video of my favorite clip involving DK and Diddy Kong fighting off a few Bullet Bills. It’s short, but sweet. Take a look:

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  1. paq says:

    Then I guess you are going to like this…

    There’s also an HD version and several other cool clips from the Adventure mode over there.

  2. Retl says:

    I still remember how it felt when I kept popping into the Smash Bros. Dojo every day looking for a new update, because I never figured out until near the time the game released when it actually did update.

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