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Melee / Brawl Character Comparison


Ray I put this little image together in Photoshop pretty quickly to give everyone a better visual of where we’re at as far as character announcements go. Is it just me, or does this help show how there are a ton of characters being kept secret? (both new and old…)

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  1. Ytoabn says:

    If anything, it shows how many clones could be dropped. After you add Luigi and Captain Falcons (who are shoe ins), then the rest could theoretically be dropped. Yes, it’d be nice if Game & Watch, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo came back, but there moves would have to be looked at (Mewtwo is very low tier, and Game & Watch tends to only be annoying. And if Ganondorf comes back and DOESN’T use his sword, I’ll be pissed)

    Once that’s all established, the rest could be dropped.
    As for how many new characters will come out in the end…

    Let’s see, we’ve got 22 in right now, 27 if all my theories on who will and won’t come back are true. 28 if Shiek comes back as a seperate character.
    From there we can add one or two more characters from pokemon, newer ones from the latest games.
    We could probably add one more for King Deedee or at least one more character from Hal’s present or past.
    One more for an extra, third-party character (C’mon MegaMan)
    I’m certian that they’ll give the StarFox universe another character (Whether that’s Falco or Krystal, we’ll see). Same with Metroid, it could use an extra representative.

    Yeah, when all is said and done, they could have 35 fighters in this game and they would represent a wide variety of genres and types.

    I know we saw a doubling of fighters from N64 to Gamecube, but I just don’t think it will be that big of an explosion for the Wii version. I think the focus is more on making this the best fighter of all time.

  2. paq says:

    I can’t see the picture, if I try to view it I get “page not found”… =(

    I believe some “clones” will be in, arch-enemies or best-buddies-style. Like now Donkey Kong has Diddy Kong to fight with, Kirby has Meta Knight and my guess is that this pattern could lead to the following being playable characters:
    – Bowser Jr (to go with Bowser (ie Diddy Kong to Donkey Kong))
    – maybe Waluigi (although I don’t think he fits the game perfectly…)
    – Ness (what an awesome fight that would be with Ness and Lucas!)
    – Luigi
    – Falco / another StarFox-character
    – Tails (as a buddy to Sonic)

    I’m just wondering how they are gonna fit all those characters into the “select your player”-menu.

  3. Ray says:

    I can’t see the picture, if I try to view it I get “page not found”… =(

    It should be working now. Take another look.

  4. Ransom says:

    Fill in the box for Ganondorf. Eiji Aonuma confirmed in Game Informer that the only LoZ character not returning is Young Link.

    Go Here

    Scroll to the very bottom.

  5. Cozm0 says:

    remember, they have’nt released what icon 13 or 19 is, and it might not stop there. but if you look at the order of the icons, 1st are smashers, then meleers, then brawlers, so all thats left for the icon to be is game and watch, so you might as well add him.

    watch this:

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