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Dr. Horrible is Wonderful, Watch it Free Now! [Update]

Dr. Horrible

TimAs a big fan of Firefly, I try to keep up with what Joss Whedon is doing. During the writer’s strike, he took the time to write and film a supervillian musical and it’s awesome. I know it sounds strange, but it’s really hilarious, and for this weekend only, you can watch the whole thing for free (about 45 minutes). After Sunday, it’ll be taken down and sold on DVD. So check it out now before it’s too late!

[Update]: Good news, it’s still free on Hulu, you’ll just have to deal with some commercial interruptions.

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  1. Kurt S says:

    Yeah, you’re right Dr Horrible is great (haha), and I’m actually not a Joss Whedon fan so you should see it even if you’re not a fan of him, cause it’s awsome.

  2. tustin says:

    I just watched it and thought it was great! 🙂
    Haven’t seen this guy’s other works, but this was great!

  3. Brawler08 says:

    The song at the end of act 2 was amazing.

  4. Ray says:

    It’s a fairly mixed bag for me, but overall I feel it’s worth a watch. The final song of Act 3 is the highlight of this series, in my opinion.

  5. OmegaLord says:

    NOO I MISSED IT! Neil Patrick-Harris is fantastic in everything though.

  6. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    *sigh* I missed it. I was so busy this weekend. Speaking of which, I finally saw Wall-E! It was really great.

  7. brh says:

    I watched Act 1 and could not justify watching Acts 2 or 3. The pacing was just terrible for much of it, especially the very beginning (the blog bit)… throughout that segment I just thought, ugh, get on with it! But one of my friends convinced me to watch the rest and overall it was alright. I’m glad I watched it for free though!

  8. dr.mario says:

    this is just to wird for me

  9. lwelyk says:

    I loved it. The very beginning is rather slow though.

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