Tim and Ray Interviewed by Indoor Heroes


TimChris over at Indoor Heroes contacted us recently about doing an interview for him and we happily obliged. He asked some great questions and the interview turned out to be a pretty extensive take on how 2P START! began and how we do things week to week. Check it out if you’re interested!

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  1. sheppy says:

    Whiile I appreciate you guys garnering some fame, from those guys it’s kind of meh. I’m sure they have fans but I gave up on that strip a while ago.

  2. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Nice, guys! You’re steadily making your way to fame! Good luck! 😀

  3. Jeff0 says:

    Nice! I really like both comics so this is good stuff!

  4. nintendogamer101 says:

    There hasn’t been an update to the blog in 4 days, man. I’m starting to go crazy, man. I’ve been checking back, like, every 5 minutes just waiting for another blog entry, man! I can’t take it anymore, man. This is torture, man. Please put up another update!

    And just to make this post relevant to the interview, nice interview!

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