Tim-Approved: Fairway Solitaire and Others Free

TimI played this amazing casual card game awhile back called Fairway Solitaire and have been waiting for a good deal on it ever since. I wasn’t willing to spend $20 on a casual PC game, and I’m glad I didn’t! You can now get the full download for free from Big Fish Games using a promo code. There are actually quite a few freebies right now if you’re interested, but definitely check out Fairway Solitaire! For the games with promo codes, you’ll need to click ‘Buy Now’ to put them in your cart, then apply the code to get it free. You’ll need to create an account on the site. Here’s the full list:

Mahjong Towers Eternity – Click Here
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville – Same link as above
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst – Code: HOLIDAYRAVEN
Hidden Expedition: Everest – Code: FREEEVEREST
Azada – Code: FREEAZADA
Spa Mania – Code: FREESPA
Fairway Solitaire – Code: FREEFAIRWAY

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  1. Betta splenden says:

    Cool! I’m gonna check these games out now!

  2. D3vin says:

    My mom loves these games, Getting them for free would make it all the sweeter, Thanks Tim!
    (p.s It is still all your fault for ruining comic #118)

  3. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Sweet deals! Thanks Tim!

  4. Troy says:

    This is great. Thanks!

  5. Wesley says:

    I am obliged to point out that their DRM client (which otherwise works, as I’ve used it before) doesn’t run in 64-bit operating systems, which are becoming more and more common these days. Le sigh. You guys may want to add that to the post so more people like me don’t waste their time.

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