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The Lame Show: Ray’s Guest Appearance


RayI had the pleasure of being on a podcast I didn’t have to meticulously edit myself, and had a blast discussing summer movies with Eddie and Noah. Although it took me a few minutes to warm up, those of you always hoping for something between now and Monday should find more than enough here to enjoy.

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  1. Tacos says:

    Haven’t seen G.I. Joe yet. Didn’t expect anything, and even though reviews have been negative, “The Totally Rad Show” (one of my favorite podcasts) all loved it, and so does Ray! Its weird. However, I have absolutely no connection to the universe of G.I. Joe so I don’t think I would be able to enjoy it. Except it does take place in Paris, which is cool since I could recognize a bunch of places (I even did in the trailer).

    Transformers (and 2) was an abomination. Especially in 2, they stuff lore that no one cares about down your throat for half an hour. Yea, Ray essentially summed up my whole feelings to the movies. And I think the reason theres a huge discrepancy between ratings and money made is that its a spectacle film. Everything is big and inspires awe. Its almost like a tourist attraction, in a movie.

    Terminator. Sigh. For those few people that care about the story (me…), this one doesn’t help clear anything and just continues to muddle it. However, I liked it more than Transformers 2. T:S was consistently alright, never being great while T2 was so up and down the entire time, but when it was down; it was down.

    Wait, you don’t like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter Ray?? Wow… those are probably my two favorite story-type collections. But it does explain why you managed to never play Sonic and the Black Knight. Anyway, I thought HP6 was the best one. I was in tears at the end. However, Goblet of Fire is my least favorite (sorry Eddy). So many random story changes that aren’t necessary. Granted, from what it sounds, none of you have read the books. It definitely changes GoF, at least for me.

    Nice podcast overall, especially to a cinema geek like me

    • Ray says:

      Just for reference, here’s my review of G.I. Joe:

      I still can’t believe how much fun I had at this film. Simply put: it’s a campy, explosion-filled ride that never truly asks to be taken seriously. Having no prior experience with anything G.I. Joe related, I had nothing to compare it to. At first I was a bit taken back at how awkward the visual effects seemed, how poor most of the acting was, and how loose reality seemed, but that’s when I realized it was all simply the gateway to helping enjoy the film for what it was meant to be: a glorified cartoon show. So I just sat back, put on my 12 year-old mindset, and laughed continuously out of pure enjoyment. I don’t know if I should be recommending it or not, but all I know is that I left the theatre very happy.

    • What got edited out of the podcast was our discussion of who has read the Harry Potter books. Here’s the score: Noah 7, Eddie 5, Ray 0

      Personally, I found “Order of the Phoenix” to be the most emotionally moving film, yet also too short compared to the book, which I read afterward.

      • blaster says:

        I’d like to blame it on the book… It’s too long. You can’t just sit there for 4-5 hours watching a movie, can you? But that book is so long that they have to cut some parts of it.

      • Tacos says:

        I agree that OotP is incredibly emotional. I just felt that the movie didn’t quite stir me in the way HBP did. Don’t get me wrong, they are both fantastic movies (David Yates is by far the best director so far), just the end of HBP (holding up the wands and the phoenix cry) really hit me. It was also the first time that Michael Gambon did a fantastic job as Dumbledore. He toned himself down and ended up giving his best performance in the film.

      • roadjcat says:

        I was really happy that they kept the scene with Fawkes, with the book to movie transition.

  2. roadjcat says:

    So my thoughts:
    – Apple segment went on too long, but I guess that’s a personal issue of mine as I’m just tired about hearing about Apple in general.

    -Yes, Wii Sports Resort is awesome, though I haven’t been playing it that much.

    – I am just not a fan of DC comics. I used to watch some of the shows, but I just don’t like their characters much. And I especially don’t like how there’s about 20 of each hero. The only comics I’ve read are Deadpool ones, who also has a new series running!

    – Btw for those of you who don’t know (but you should!) Ryan Reynolds is also doing a Deadpool movie, set to be released in 2011, and the character should have nothing to do with the abomination that was Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    – I have no interest in either Transformers…XD

    – Ray, I think we’re opposites. I, for the most part cannot stand futuristic motifs, but I adore Medieval motifs. However, I can say it could be a mistake to avoid one or the other, because what did I avoid because I didn’t like futuristic motifs? Yeah, Metroid. Now look where I am. Of course, Starcraft is okay, but I far prefer Warcraft. As for actual movies. I hate Lord of the Rings anyway. XD I love Harry Potter though. I don’t like Star Wars though, again probably because of the futuristic motif.

    – I enjoyed Half-Blood Prince, but as that was the first book I read, I was able to nitpick and it made it less enjoyable, it was a good movie though, but I far prefer Prisoner of Azkaban.

    – I honestly didn’t want Half-Blood Prince to end because there was just so much that they didn’t cover and I was like, “Wait!”. XD

    -I’m not a huge movie person, so I usually only see movies when I see the trailers far beforehand and go, “I want to see that.” I very rarely see movies on a whim.

    – For me, movies right now that I can’t wait for are, well, number one, definitely Deadpool. If they do it right it really could be one of the best movies ever, combining action and comedy. As long as they keep his origin story right, I’m good. Other two movies I can’t wait for are Pirates 4 and National Treasure 3.

  3. Brawler08 says:

    Ray what about the huge sword hanging on your wall?

  4. Kvb says:

    Can’t listen to the podcast. The links in this blog entry are broken.

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