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Podcast DELAYED! Bribe forthcoming…

TimSorry guys, Ray has been having seriously major internet troubles, which made recording the podcast rather dreadful, editing the podcast rather lengthy, and uploading the podcast next to impossible! Nevertheless, Ray will find a way to get the podcast up for you guys later today. He promises it’s worth the wait for some truly funny moments. In the meantime, this is about a good a time as any for me to post some things I’ve been meaning to for awhile, so put away the pitchforks, we won’t let you down!

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  1. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I was wondering why it wasn’t up yet. It’s fine that it’s a little late, just as long as there’s still going to be one. However, I’m curious as to what the bribe’s going to be. New shirts? The forum update? Some reviews?

  2. D3vin says:

    Since Tim lives in California, and most of that region is on fire, that makes perfect sense that he can’t go online. HIS COMPUTER IS ON FIRE!!!!!

  3. roadjcat says:

    My computer’s not on fire. XD And the podcast is still coming so that’s good and bribes/new content/whatever, are spiffy.

  4. Mikallein says:

    ah man..(puts away angry mob gear)


  5. Supersonic24 says:

    Ouch, I really hope my call wasn’t that much trouble. Sorry guys, I think there was just something wrong with the Wi-fi at my hotel. I t should be better if I call from my house though. Too bad my chance is gone D=. Oh well, I’ll try some other time.

  6. Kilburn says:

    Completely understandable. Keep us posted! But what be this bribe, hm?

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