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2P Fan Art! One Beauty, One Funny!


TimThe image above was sent to us by our fan May who did a great job capturing Tim and Ray’s qualities while introducing them in a totally new style. Click the image for a bigger version! This next piece of fan art is bizarre but hilarious, sent to Ray by a friend on Facebook. Check it out!

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  1. D3vin says:

    Funny, Looks like I’ve got some competition on the Fan art/comic front. Even though Tim’s eyebrows aren’t thick enough and the elbows aren’t knubby enough

  2. roadjcat says:

    Oh well I already commented on this on facebook. haha It’s spiffy though!

  3. Narnian says:

    That comic was probably the weirdest things I’ve seen all week, but still funny. Nice fanart too! I should draw something.

  4. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Very cool! The first one looks like how Tim and Ray would appear in their own anime. The comic was pretty clever too, even moreso since I’ve actually played Star Fox 64 before.

  5. Mikallein says:

    Look’s nice, i think it’d be cool if May did a guest comic for u guys. Like Tim tell’s Ray that there is no hope for Sonic and Ray gets mad and grows 10 feet taller and Tim shrinks to teiny tiny size….idk i think that mite be cool

  6. BadnikHunter says:

    Nice art May! Its kind of like how Ray and Tim would look if drawn in some kind of anime style…

  7. gex says:

    omg maybe next time ill put more work into that, if i know its gonna go on the front page, lol.

    for those of you who dont know what its talking about (which i assume is most of you), ray was posting weird videos from japan on facebook. THIS was one of them…

  8. Mikallein says:

    so now there is 3 Tim and Ray’s,the REAL Tim and Ray,comic Tim and Ray,toon Tim and Ray and now anime Tim and Ray. What’s next, Mecha Tim and Ray?…heh…….hmm….(wow that’d be Epic..

  9. Gadoink says:

    That is incredibly epic.

    …what is this under my comment?
    Some kind of real-time preview?


  10. Mikallein says:

    2 epic thing’s in one day WOOT!! (all i need is the pod cast and this will be the best day)

  11. moonjuice7 says:

    Love the fan art. Comic is nice too.

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