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Share your PSN Names Here!

TimAs revealed in the podcast this week, I now have a PS3, so I might as well make some friends, right? (So far the only multiplayer games I have are Modern Warfare 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man). If you’d like, feel free to add me as a friend (PSN Name: wilef). Also, leave your name in the comments to make friends with other 2P START! fans as well!

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  1. cramill says:

    Mine is Cramill. I have Burnout Paradise. Its a pretty fun game.

  2. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    PSN Name: MechaRidleyR27

    Oh, believe me, there’s a very exciting story behind why my PSN name isn’t MetaRidleyR27 filled with bad customer service, terrorism, and Nazis. But that’s a story for another day.

  3. GX Echidna says:

    Can’t say our PS3 gaming libraries intersect as of yet, but sure.
    My PSN name is “gxechidna”

    Now if only there was a way to hide how much I put into getting the Sonic Unleashed trophies…

  4. roadjcat says:

    Well I don’t have a PS3, but I’d like to know what you think of Modern Warfare 2 and if I’m the only nuts one for having no problem with the terrorist scene and liking the game MUCH better than the original.

  5. Yams says:

    PSN ID: Yams

    I would agree that Uncharted 2 is worth a purchase. Definitely a great multiplayer experience. Little Big Planet is also an excellent game. Plus, for PSN games, I would highly recommend Fat Princess. It’s pretty darn hilarious.

  6. Chocolate_bob says:

    Chocolate_bob1. I’ve got LittleBigPlanet, both Modern Warfares, Fat Princess, MGS4 (Although I’ve never tried online) and Grand Turismo 5 Prolouge.

  7. Rick Beckman says:

    Mine would be KingdomGeek.

  8. The Gastronomic Gamer says:


    I suggest getting Super Street Fighter IV when it gets out. I still love Street Fighter and the notion of even more gets me giddy. Also, you can spend years working on strategies on just one character, working out intricacies. I think that I found my love for the game when I learned how to block (thumbstick in opposite direction of opponent). It extends fights beyond repeated face-punching matches and gives you an actual chance against the computer.

    ANYWAY, what I’m trying to say is I’d be happy to play anyone from 2P Start! at any time I am free.

  9. Dominus says:

    Dominus_ Seph

    I play on and off with the PS3 as I prefer the 360, but on occasion I can get on for some online fun! 🙂 Gotta love MGO and Uncharted 2!

  10. sheppy says:


    If you see anything in my trophy collection or see me playing something you might want to try multiplayer, just let me know,

  11. Highwater Trousers says:

    Well I do believe mine is “Marunabe”. I have both Modern Warfare 2 and Resistance, among others. I’m on during weekends and my internet connection should be working fine now. I can easily recommend Uncharted 2 and LittleBigPlanet. If you’re into superhero games, check out inFamous and for more shooting fun, try Killzone 2. So yeah, everyone give me a ring.

  12. Pieninja14 says:

    Mine is Pieninja14. Really wish I could change it, but oh well.

  13. Taylor says:

    Mine is TaySavesTheDay. I’m playing through the downloadable content for Fallout 3 right now but definitely have been tossing in Modern Warfare 2 whenever I have time. I have a large selection of games so anyone can add me and play some multiplayer with me 🙂

  14. Jonathan says:

    my psn is rationalthinker.
    i don’t have many multiplayer games iirc, but i do have littlebigplanet

  15. Twigwolf says:

    PSN ID: twigwolf

    (not capitalized)

    Hey I love the comic and the podcast. I’ve been listening for a long time and I can’t wait to add Tim. Go PS3. These are my online games. Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, GTA IV, Burnout Paradise. Add me. Ray should get a PS3. Finally I can listen to PS3 talk. Yay.

  16. AttackRaccoon says:

    My PSN ID is attackraccoon (surprise!)

    I just finished a ton of Fallout 3 so I’m looking to play some online games. What I have is LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Rock Band 2, I think Brutal Legend is online… and I have Resistance: Fall of Man but haven’t played it much. Also, Resident Evil 5 and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

    So far, I only have one friend on PSN, so I hope this thread changes that!

  17. Supersonic24 says:

    PSN: Webshot64

    I barely ever play LBP, but some invites might change that. I have MGS4 too. The game I play the most though is Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. I look forward to playing you guys.

  18. Supersonic24 says:

    Just added everyone.
    Please accept it.

  19. MiMGodfather says:

    PSN Username: MiMGodfather

    I don’t have a ton of online multiplayer games for the PS3, but the ones I do have are:
    1) Resident Evil 5
    2) Little Big Planet
    3) Soul Calibur IV
    4) Resistance: Fall of Man (though I haven’t played it yet… lol)

  20. MiMGodfather says:

    Hey, does anyone know if the Turtles In Time remake is online-multiplayer capable? I have the demo and am probably going to buy the full version… that would be a fun game for a bunch of us to get together on.

  21. luna_diviner says:

    PSN ID: nthngsnghtmr

    I have very few multiplayer games, but they are listed in order of most played:

    1. Brutal Legend
    2. Borderlands
    3. Wolfenstein
    4. Resistance 2 (have not started playing yet)

    I won’t be buying MW2 for quite some time, just to let the hype die down, but a few friends of mine have recommended COD:5. Thoughts/opinions/advice?

    • Supersonic24 says:

      Well, I haven’t played COD5 myself, but I think that game wasn’t developed by Infinity Ward, so I say looking at a few reviews first, because the team that made that game was also responsible for creating the monstrosity that was COD3.

    • so101i says:

      get cod2 cus its better detailed and more ppl play it

  22. D3vin says:

    Too bad I don’t have a PS3,
    It only does EVERYTHING!

  23. Dman says:

    blackscythe is my PSN. i have RE5, the orange box, resistance:FOM, rockband 1&2, LITTLEBIGPLANET!!(severely addicted), GTA IV, and metal gear solid 4. feel free to add me.

  24. Dr. Disaster says:

    Mine’s Dr_Disaster (huh fancy that.) I have Warhawk and LittleBigPlanet for my multiplayer games.

  25. Apkinesis says:

    Mine’s Apkinesis, though I rarely use the PS3 (and when I am, it’s mostly downloading game trailers or watching movies) — I just have a lack of games for it at the moment 😛 Though I’ll probably eventually get Little Big Planet and/or Orange Box for it someday, as far as multiplayer goes.

  26. Tim says:

    Added everyone so far. Also, I forgot I have Pure and Quantum of Solace which are also multiplayer (not that anyone has those games).

  27. Gregjr94 says:

    I don’t have a PS3 quite yet but my dad is getting one soon so he can have Blu-Ray and stream Netflix without having to move my 360 between rooms every minute. I’ll post my PSN name once we the PS3.

  28. Carnivore_Apple says:

    psn: Carnivore_Apple
    i never really posted a comment because i was too lazy to create a profile…
    my multiplayer games are: resistance FOM , littlebigplanet , battlefield 1943 and team fortress 2 from the orange box.

  29. ultimateDK says:

    PSN – ultimateDK
    If you get Bomberman Ultra or Marvel V. Capcom 2 (I am in no way good at that game so don’t be afraid lol) those can be some pretty addicting multiplayer games. Can’t say no to a classic bomberman match!

  30. ultimateDK says:

    Yeah and I forgot LBP, and some good ol DBZ, Blazblue, Soul Calibur IV….

  31. Kilburn says:

    PSN: Kilburn474

    XBL: Cornholio Slim

    I added both you and ray on Live and you on PSN.

    Only multiplayer games I have for PS3 are MW2, Uncharted 2, and Splinter Cell Double Agent.

    However on 360 I have MW2 (I have ALOT of friends that only have a 360), Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2 and a mess of Arcade games.

    My gaming hours vary due to my odd work hours out at the casino but they usually range anywhere between 10am-5pm and 2:30am-4am.

  32. Nveus says:

    My PSN is….Nveus…lol..surprised?

    I’m on a MW2 kick right now…however, know that I am by no means a competitive player, I play PURELY for fun.

    I.e. I’ll run someone down for an entire map just to knife them, lol.

    Feel free to add me!

  33. SuperSonicGoku says:

    My psn name is, no suprise PSN:SuperSonicGoku with the SSG in caps. Anyone can add me, I also got a ps3 recently, and have MW2, Uncharted 2, and LBP multiplayer wise.

  34. tdh004 says:

    PSN: tdh004

    If you need help with Spec Ops (Just got my last STAR the other night.), let me know. I’ve beat all of them with 2 player on Veteran. Platinum Trophy earned last night!

  35. Mnbv15 says:

    Psn username:MNBV15 (im new to this site =D)

    Online games i have: Modern warfare 2.

  36. Carnivore_Apple says:

    i just got mw2 ,add that to my list 😀

    all those games and you only played flower lol

  37. Acgamer says:

    My name is Heavy-WeaponsGuy . The only multiplayer game I have is LittleBigPlanet.

  38. Spritemaster says:

    Mine is SRJe.

  39. Ocherstone says:

    It’s just Ocherstone.

    Playing MW2, LittleBigPlanet, Burnout Paradise, Killzone 2, Battlefield 1942…add me, I may have it.

  40. Cheeseluigi says:

    PSN ID: Cheeseluigi
    I have MW2 and LBP as my main multiplayer games!

  41. MGN001 says:

    It’s MGN001.

  42. HASNAIN says:

    MY NEW 1 IS drogbar90 got cod 4 6 grand turimso 5 frree to addd

  43. Dan says:

    add ma psn >> LilDee208

  44. mrpineapplehead says:

    mine is gh192 i have LBP ps3 home (mr obvious to the resuce!) and burnout paridse if i can find again 😛 oh well

  45. Stardan says:

    PSN: xXstardanXx I have tons of MP games so feel free to add me :). Its cool to add Tim to the Friend Roster.

  46. Ryan says:

    Jiggle zombie add plez

  47. my name is conormacmillan online add me gta nfs call of duty……

  48. so101i says:


    i have bad company and modern warfare 2

  49. so101i says:

    and gta IV

  50. so101i says:

    im thinkin of buyin little big planet should i get it or not?

  51. Dest747 says:

    My PSN ID is Dest747, and I have:

    Final Fantasy XIII
    Burnout Paradise
    Mirror’s Edge
    Call of Duty 4
    Wipeout HD
    Ragdoll Kung-Fu
    Noby Noby Boy
    Eye of Judgement
    Final Fantasies VII and VIII

    Add me!

  52. Angel says:

    my psn is drkng18 i have super street fighter 4, modnation racer well i ordered it so its coming soon for multiplayer so far

  53. toastman63 says:

    Mine is FatPoundOfWeed (add me)

  54. killeribi1 says:

    hey guys my psn is killeribi1,
    im a multiplayer gamer i have games including Call of duty world at war, Uncharted 2, Resistant fall of man, Aliens Vs Predator, Motorstrom Persific Rift (not sure if splet right!) and Farcry 2 and well… thats it if u want to add be my guest!

  55. homieg567 says:

    mine is homieg567
    i have mw2, killzone 2, army of 2, gta4, battlfield bad company1, rainbow six vegas, alien vs. predator

  56. Eze57 says:

    Mines i2ide_0f_i2egret 0 = zero

    I have all cod’s mainly play black ops also have little big planet Resistance fall of man(hate it) burnout paradise fat princes basically a whole bunch of games online and off tons of dlc willing to game share also

  57. G33Kw0rd says:

    add me the names my psn. i have fat princess skate 3 and unchafted 2

  58. chris young says:

    mine is youngahh26 plz add:)

  59. Decided to finally get a Blu-Ray player, I mean, a PS3

    Both PSN and XBL are: GewurztraminerX

    I don’t play online multiplayer often but when I do it’s usually Rock Band on the 360

  60. Dan says:

    theaha0. Add me!

  61. Defiant_Murder says:

    My PSN name Is Defiant_Murder
    im looking for people to play with:)

  62. RatedKB13 says:

    Add me my PSN is RatedKB13 I got street fighters 4,GTA4,World at war,little big planet n split second

  63. deb_rah86 says:

    Mines actually – deb_rah86

    Mainly play uncharted 2 and lbp.

  64. Crossfade95 says:

    Feel free to add, ive got lbp2, black ops,mw2, both bioshocks and fallout new vegas, i play mostly for fun 😀

  65. Phaymous33 says:

    mine is Phaymous33 add me , i have black ops!!

  66. vDeMoNx-ViiZiOn says:

    My psn name is my registerd name on hear if youj carnt see its : vDeMonx-ViiZiOn add me if you would like 11th prestige on mw2 and if you can record im looking gto start a montage 🙂

  67. victor says:


  68. looey101 says:

    Mine is looey101
    i play LOTS of black ops
    my clan tag is SWAT
    willing to join partys and pwn n00bs =D

  69. BecherSTENT says:

    BecherSTENT Mostly COD black ops

  70. josh says:

    mine is joshtimms1995, i mostly go on fifa 11 and call of duty

  71. brittany wright-hairston says:

    Add me i have Call of Duty Black Ops. Red Dead Redemption undead nightmare, Infamous 2, and Dead Rising 2

    my psn is : BrittanySachiko
    i just bought a ps3 soo i’m looking for some friends to play with

  72. Jack says:

    Mine’s jman642.

    I usually play COD7, MW2, LBP,GT5,COD4


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