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Tim’s Take: Mario’s Best Friend


TimDespite the hatred controversy with this week’s comic, I made time to whip up a Tim’s Take with Yoshi. Enjoy the bonus content. It doesn’t cost a penny more than the regular subscription fee you pay us to read the normal comics. Oh wait…

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  1. Underyx says:

    That’s… gradient!

  2. MAD_BOY says:

    Best art ever.

  3. Daecious says:

    i like how yoshi doesnt have arms in this comic. and how can mario jump with that gimp leg

  4. Apkinesis says:

    lol, wow… That was just… Oh man, nice work Tim 😀 Seriously, you should definitely update with new Tim’s Take comics weekly alongside Ray’s comics.

  5. TheLupineOne says:

    Horray! After last week’s clanker, Tim’s Take is good again! But I wish you’d bring back the stickfigures.

  6. mrpineapplehead says:

    darn it tim i can’t stop laughing at it and…wait

    ‘tim’s take will start be weekly then daily!’

    oh god..0_0

  7. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    Yoshi almost looks like a boomerang…

    I don’t think I’d want to be in front of that Yoshi. His eyes are creepy. :O

  8. wazkatango says:

    Still funny. You ought to do this every week.

  9. Retl says:

    Holy crap, a Tim’s Take and a normal comic in the same week!?

    Guys. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to top this every week for the rest of your lives (excluding Christmas holidays)

    This Tim’s Take made me chuckle. But I’m still all fanboy biased about Yoshi all over the comic. You guys are making me want to try drawing some~ Actually, I will. Tonight.

  10. D3vin says:

    Nice one Tim! I see I am not the only one who uses Yoshi as a stepstool sometimes.
    D3vin (in a fake Brooklyn accent): Hey Yosh, help me screw in this lightbulb willsya?
    Yoshi: (sighs)

    • TheLupineOne says:

      Wait, so now D3vin is a dragon! So he’s been a pt… ptu… pteu…pteranodon, a badger, and now a dragon? I’m not sure furries chop and change this much.

  11. freeplay says:

    LOL!!!!!!! I loved it. so much better than real comic.

  12. ParodyKnaveBob says:

    Awesome. Great use of your medium (the vertical scrolling). And a wonderful joke on the horrors of Super Mario World!

    Fwiw, I actually enjoyed the “real” comic just fine! It was topical–How To Train Your Dragon comes out in theatres today. Nice parody!

    Keep up the good work, both of ya. $:^ ]

    Brandon W. Horton / ParodyKnaveBob

  13. Curaga says:

    Brilliant idea to make a comic about yoshi, I think the punchline could have used work, perhaps making the last panel a tie in with the boxart of sm galaxy? It was still a nice read though, and I love the simple style of this, it reminds me of the Tims Taken too far comic in terms of style and execution, and thats a very good thing.

    heh. Awesome comic Tim, I’m not sure if this comic was a result of my comment, but either way, awesome.

  14. Oliby says:

    This is too good and addresses my biggest complaint about Yoshi in Mario Sunshine. It’s not that Yoshi is only available in limited stages or that Yoshi disintegrate in water, rather it’s the fact you can’t use Yoshi as a sacrificial jump board over a bottomless pit. So many lives was lost because that was no longer possible in Sunshine.

    Thanks for making such a nostalgic comic Tim. It really made me smile.

  15. yoshikissbirdo says:

    Hehe that is funny. But question does Tim really draw like that?

  16. BooCwis says:

    So wait…

    is that a dinosaur or a dragon you drew?

    • BooCwis says:

      In all seriousness though, it’s hilarious how many people loved this comic more than the actual week’s comic. I personally love the Monty Mole part myself (how cruel, Tim).
      And Tim, is that prophecy made last week going to come true? 2T Start?

    • ParodyKnaveBob says:

      Both/either. The term “dinosaur” is merely a late-1800s word that was coined to describe the fossilized remains of dragons which had gone extinct by that time (and which thus had led many to believe by that time that they were mere myths). But when cultures across the world have in their history much artwork realistically depicting “dinosaur-like creatures” as late as the 14-1500s? “Here be dragons” indeed.

      Brandon Horton / ParodyKnaveBob

  17. Highwater Trousers says:

    I’m not sure how to feel. If I say I like it, I might hurt Ray’s feelings, but if I say I didn’t like it then I risk hurting Tim’s feelings… Hey Yoshi wait for me! *jumps*

    Okay, I’ll admit it. I enjoyed this. Sorry Ray!

  18. blaster says:

    Is this the sign that Tim’s going to abandon Ray and start his own webcomic?

    • blaster says:

      Tim’s getting rid of Ray by continuing posting Tim’s Take after Thursday Comics, and for every praise he get, Ray’s hair get down a bit, suggesting him becoming emo. And eventually, Tim’s going to go nuts and sent to hospital. Then Tim will have the right to take over the entire site. And then as the popularity start to fell, he’ll sell it to refill his pool of money.

  19. Kvb says:

    Yes! That’s it! That’s the way the comic should’ve ended!

    Jumping off Yoshi is more widely understood among gamers, it’s old enough to be retro, and it’s punchy enough to be a good final panel. It would’ve been perfect.

    I guess from now on I’ll just pretend that Comic #163 ended with Mario jumping off Yoshi in mid-air, with a platform to the right, to indicate there’s a pitfall beneath. That’s a classic 2P Start comic right there.

  20. steve-ohs says:

    I liked this comic too! Great additional comic Tim. But a tim’s take, regular comic, and guest comic in one week. Now you’re just spoiling us.

  21. SuperVegeta says:

    Lol. that pretty much made up for the confusion with the real comic. Super funny.

  22. Talduras says:

    Wow. You just killed Yoshi using the dismount button. I don’t know if I can ever forgive you for that, Tim.

    But to balance that out, the joke was pretty good and it made me smile on the inside.

  23. Cheeseball701 says:

    You have to use Yoshi as a step-stool to get the secret in the infamous Butter Bridge (or was it Cheese Bridge) stage in Super Mario World.

    • Talduras says:

      Not really. I’ve never used Yoshi to get that secret. I always “cape bounced” my way under the gate. Technically I think it involved a bit of a glitch, because I’d get up to flying speed, grab the rope that starts moving, avoid jumping off it or getting hit, and jump off at the end, hopefully getting just the right positioning and slowness of speed that I could just bounce my way up on the other side of the gate easier.

      By the way, if anyone knows of how that trick is done with a Yoshi, do post a video. The only way I could see it being done is with a flying Yoshi, but there are no Koopas in that level to fly with if I remember correctly.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        It’s much easier with Yoshi, because you don’t have to have precise timing with pulling up on the cape; you just wait until you are behind the gate on Yoshi and let him fall to his death.

        Also, in theory you may be able to go high enough above the first gate to keep it from registering you, thus allowing you to pass it and get to the second gate, but I can’t confirm whether that is possible or not. I’ve done it on other levels (notably the 2nd one), but that was probably with blue Yoshi and a Koopa so I was rising for quite a while.

  24. Zacko says:

    Worst. Comic. Ever. 🙂

  25. NintendoNaut says:

    Lol, nice one Tim.

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