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New Yoshi Wallpaper Available!

Yoshi Wallpapers

RayHey, what do you know? It’s a six-set wallpaper pack featuring Mario’s best friend. You can grab them in the Extras! section of the site.

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  1. Apkinesis says:

    Nice! And lol at the replaced gray design; dare I say that was a smart move 😛

  2. mrpineapplehead says:

    yay can’t wait to try all of them out

  3. Talduras says:

    The only thing better would be t-shirts with these. =D

    • Curaga says:

      agreed, those would be some nice colors for shirts as well, and I think the addition of the commands would make them even better.

  4. Retl says:

    I’m on it right away. Definitely going Yellow.

    I think it’s pretty spiffy that you added a different black version than what was in the comic. (Even though I died inside a little. For the second time this week. But I can forgive it because it still makes for a familiar joke.)

    Wait. Oh no. I just realized. If Mario gets the penguin suit from where he does, what does that mean about the Yoshi suit from Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic games? OH NO. Tails too!? NOW WE KNOW WHY THEY STAND STIFF AFTER THE EVENTS! THEY’RE ALL ROBOT REPLACEMENTS! MY MII IS WEARING- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    *Died a little for the third time.*

    BTW: I was going to add a link to a screenshot of how the wallpaper looked on my 1024×600 netbook setup, but then I realized that the new logo in the corner gets cropped off, and I don’t want to look like I’m trying to highjack the paper. (Yoshi, quick, eat this archive and hold it until we get to the keyhole! You’ll never take us alive, 2P Start!). I’m still going to use it with the setting to zoom on the center, as it gets All Yoshi all over my desktop even as it bumps off the logo. And I’m fine with that. Be sure that if anyone asks me about the wallpaper, I’ll point them over to 2P Start!

    I’m very happy with the set!

  5. Teengamer says:

    They all look pretty decent except for the grey one. Where the heck did that come from? I don’t recall it in the comic at all, and Mario looks simply awful. I think it would have been possible to shade him just a little bit better, but maybe I’m making false assumptions. Does anyone else agree with me?

    *sighs* As if this week’s comic was bad enough…….

    • MiMGodfather says:

      It’s actually from a version that Curaga posted in the comments, found here: Link

      I have to disagree though, I think the shading on Mario was done well, and matches the style of the other Yoshi frames nicely.

      • MiMGodfather says:

        My bad, apparently I was kinda-sorta wrong. The idea originated with Curaga, but Ray updated the actual comic with the new black&white ending frame.

  6. steve-ohs says:

    So happy right now! Thank you.

  7. BooCwis says:

    Man guys, I love you for this! My Galaxy 2 background gets kinda…eh after a while.

  8. MiMGodfather says:

    You know, you’re going to spoil us, coming out with the Blueprint background so recently, and now 6 brand new ones! Thank you much, guys 🙂

  9. blaster says:

    Well… with so many thing gong on this week…
    I expect a podcast over 45 minutes…
    I sure hope so.

    • Kvb says:

      I can’t wait. It’s been really interesting watching the situation evolve, and I’m eager to find out how Tim and Ray feel about it.

    • Curaga says:

      I am excited to see/hear the podcast this week as well, this comic caused a lot of drama, but at least it was the tame friendly 2pstart kind of drama 😉

  10. SuperVegeta says:

    These work great with Windows 7’s ability to rotate the background every 30 minutes or so. Its like having the whole comic in slide show format. 😀 Cheers guys!

  11. TheKickAwesome says:

    Now I can stop using the internet and just stare at my desktop for pure awesomeness.
    Farewell, internet. Enjoy your jpgs and gifs

  12. Snifit says:

    Love ’em. The green Yoshi has finally knocked out the Ray and Tim NSMBWii battle as my background.

  13. charmy says:

    I’m rising from my coma! (rise from your coma). I rose from my grave and commented some, but then I slipped into my coma and returned to my lurking ways (how dare I). But now I’m back to tell you how much I love this wallpaper, especially the yellow one. I love the comic and the podcast and just want to tell you to keep up the great work!

  14. ­ says:

    I know the average Jeff thinks that Apple products look better, but there should be at least one non Apple display (ambiguous for example).
    Now that I think about it Windows 7 can have multiple desktop backgrounds at once you you should make a image of a non Apple monitor that cycles through the 6 Yoshi backgrounds.
    I am not stating my opinion on whether I like or hate Apple products. Lets just say that I have a very strong opinion. I think my comment makes it very unclear what side I support.

    • ­ says:

      please ignore me failing and writing
      “at once you you should”
      should say
      “at once. You should”

  15. Retl says:

    With this set of wallpapers, I’ve been going yellow since they came out. But now I’m tempted to try the red as it looks tasty, but I’ve just never been too big on Red Yoshi except for the brief time when I wanted to believe that the red Yoshi in brawl had increased fire damage (not true, at all, but still the reason why I pick mostly the yellow Yoshi in brawl anyway. I like to imagine the Yoshi Bomb is more powerful, even though I’m pretty sure it isn’t.)

    Anyway, thanks again for the wallpaper! I now have it on my desktop and my netbook, and I’m thinking of plunking some of the others down on the other computers in this building.

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