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Sonic GeneRAYtions on the Spindash Podcast!


TimWhile I saved you all from incessant Sonic Generations rantings on OUR podcast, I had no control over what went on at The Spindash where Ray recently made his opinions known. Be warned, this podcast is for Sonic geeks only, not normal people like you and me. If you don’t care about weird dog-fairies or other strange hybrid creatures, then DON’T click here!

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  1. JohnW says:

    Been waiting for this >:)

  2. GX Echidna says:

    Oh, don’t listen to Tim. We’re just as mainstream as any other two-hour fan podcast about a single 20-year-old gaming franchise.

  3. roadjcat says:

    Seeing as how I really enjoyed Sonic Generations, I shall try to give this a listen sometime…even though I won’t know what is going on in reference to like any of the other Sonic games. Haha

  4. roadjcat says:

    There was way too much to comment on in this, but I just wanted to touch base on a few things. For one, Ray, when you said you didn’t want to use abilities…in a sense, I can see why. The Thunder Shield pretty much breaks the game. To get a lot of the red rings, you have to take the upper path of the level and it requires you to jump at key moments, but with the Thunder Shield, if you mess up, you just do a double jump and it’s all better. I appreciated it, but it definitely feels kind of cheap.

    Just today I got all the achievements except for the “play ranking attack on each stage” one and the “defeat the final boss without getting hit” one. I tried the latter quite a few times but gave up. I will do it though because I want to 1000/1000 this game…because I’ve only ever done it once with Mass Effect 2 (well it had more than 1000 points but you get the idea). But yes, the final boss sucks a lot. haha There is a severe perception issue.

  5. roadjcat says:

    Oh and I am going to try to buy the soundtrack once it comes out almost exclusively for the Classic version of City Escape.

  6. roadjcat says:

    Okay well I got those last two achievements awhile back, and honestly, I think this is my favorite 360 game aside from Mass Effect 2. It’s crazy how much I enjoyed it not having played half the games. I mean now I got Sonic Colors, am getting the 3DS version and Free Riders for Christmas, and am finishing Sonic Unleashed when I gave up on it the first time…all because of how much I liked this game.

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