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Ray Reviews Wii Fit

Wii Fit Review

Ray “When the Wii was first announced, Nintendo’s focus towards an expanded audience came with promises of new and exciting gameplay through the use of innovative and intuitive controls. In that case, Wii Fit is the quintessential Wii title, as promised.”

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  1. Andew says:

    Nice review.

    I also wish that there was a history graph of workout performance. It might not matter for balance games, but for the strength training and aerobics it would be nice.

    Online play for a fitness game is actually kinda stupid, but hey, it’s your review. Of course, maybe I am wrong. Maybe what would have made Wii Fit great was a “Reduce BMI by 0.5” tournament.

  2. Ray says:

    No, not online play. I was referring to using Wi-Fi to view your friends’ graphs as well.

  3. Andew says:

    I think that would be the same as asynchronous online play. You each play whenever you want and then you can view the results. I think that there is another recent game that let you do that too.

    I mean, sure, it might be kinda fun seeing the graph of someone you know from far away, but that would be like publishing a daily total of the number of dirty dishes you have. If WiiFit is going to help you become more aware of your body/your fitness, then you would need to both see a person’s WiiFit age/BMI and see them in real life.

    Also, what if another game comes out that even more closely matches Nintendo’s “promises of new and exciting gameplay through the use of innovative and intuitive controls.” Will you change this review to call WiiFit the “penultimate quintessential Wii title?”

  4. dr. mario says:

    No, not online play. I was referring to using Wi-Fi to view your friends’ graphs as well.

    I think they left that out becuse some peple might not be ok with that

  5. Tim says:

    I agree with Ray on this one. It would be nice to share stats with friends, kind of like Big Brain Academy. Dr. Mario, they wouldn’t force you to show how fat/skinny you are, but to have the option to share would be nice. It’s like another way to keep you motivated. If you lost 50 pounds, you’d want to go out and strut your stuff, show off a bit. Same here, it would be cool to be able to tell your friends that you’ve lost some weight (and not a bad word-of-mouth marketing tool for Nintendo to sell more copies of Wii Fit).

  6. Jared says:

    Great review Ray. Allison and I have been doing our Wii Fit for 2 weeks now at about 35 minutes a day and really do feel like it’s a great motivational tool to actually get a little exercise. I certainly think that Nintendo really made a sucessful “game” by giving very little incentive to people, and actually got people to care about exercise. I don’t continue to do it simply because I want a better Wii Fit Age, but I do it because it really doesn’t take much time, and I feel better about myself afterwords. When I don’t have a ton of time in my day to play my Wii, I actually will find time to do my Wii Fit, and so far I’d say it’s paid for itself.

    I am however perplexed as to how my Wii Fit Age is measured because some days I’ll do “good” at the two balance games they give me and I’ll get a seemingly “not good” Wii Fit Age, and some days I’ll not really try that hard and get a great Wii Fit Age, if only they’d explain more clearly how this is measured perhaps I could improve.

  7. It would be great if they actually made the wii fit board height adjustable.

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