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Jericho DVD

TimI thought I’d plug what I felt was one of the best new shows on TV last year. Jericho, a show about a post-nuclear U.S., gained a very loyal fanbase as CBS found out when they cancelled the show this summer. Fans (myself included), sent CBS over 40,000 lbs. of nuts to CBS in protest of the cancellation (there was a significant reference to nuts in the season finale). While the show had some faults and low points, it really drew you in and made you curious about the circumstances surrounding the nuclear attacks. Who was behind the attacks? Which cities remained standing? Who was in charge now? Was there even a U.S. anymore? The show had a lot of potential, and luckily CBS listened to the fans. Although already cancelled, CBS went back and ordered a shortened season 2 (I think only 7 episodes) to give the show one more chance in the ratings. The DVD set for season 1 just came out if you’re interested. Alternatively, you can still watch the entire season on CBS’s website.

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  1. Doopliss says:

    Why did no one comment on this? I watched series 1 after reading this and it was awesome! Thanks for showing me this Tim.

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