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Ray Reviews Mario Super Sluggers


TimWhile I hated the game enough to rid myself of it within a week, Ray persevered to bring you this review of Mario Super Sluggers. If you want my review, just take Ray’s score and subtract infinity!

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  1. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    That was a nice review. I’ll think about picking up the Gamecube version. I might like it.

  2. roadjcat says:

    I didn’t read the review yet, I just looked at the score and yeah, I think that’s probably appropriate. Good is how I would describe the game, nothing more, nothing less. A couple of days of enjoyment, but until I have friends over or my family is sitting around bored, I probably won’t play it again. I still think it might be more fun than the original, but I haven’t played that one in a long time. One thing is for sure, it was way more frustrating.

  3. tustin says:

    Ray’s Verdict: 7.0/10 – Moderately good, but not as good as the first.

    Tim’s Verdict: -∞/10 – Falling through a black hole, dropping acid on yourself, and grinding through a plastic shredder feet-first would all be more enjoyable and worth your while.

    I think there might be a difference of opinion on this title… 🙂 .

    Good review. Not going to pick up the game anytime soon – simply because I don’t like sports – or sports games.

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